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Stirred, never shaken. The Boilerman Bar specializes in so-called highballs. These drinks consist of a base spirit such as whiskey or gin and a "filler" such as ginger ale, tonic water or the like.

In the past, he stood on the steam locomotive tender and shoveled coals into the burner - the stoker, known as the "boilerman" in Anglo-Saxon. In the bar of the same name in Eppendorf, the bartenders are now the "stokers" for a successful evening. Another special feature: a Japanese luxury ice machine is used here, which produces oversized, spherical ice cubes. The Boilerman Bar specializes in so-called highballs and is the birthplace of the universally known Gin Basil highball (also called a smash). Highballs consist of a base spirit such as whiskey or gin and a "filler" such as ginger ale, tonic water or the like. You might think such drinks are easy to prepare - but at Boilerman, they're an art form.

Take a dizzying selection of whiskey, gin, or rum, add noble fillers, and serve it in a crisp, chilled glass with the aforementioned massive ice cubes - the result: a refreshing drink full of delicious flavors that doesn't get watered down despite the addition of ice.

In addition to more familiar variants such as Moscow Mule or Pimm's Cup, there are also daring in-house creations such as the "Suffering Bastard" with gin, brandy, ginger beer and bitters.  

For those who like something a little stronger, the Boilerman Bar also offers a few other classic bar drinks such as Manhattan, Old Fashioned or Whiskey Sour, although the use of the cocktail shaker may be avoided. Also on the menu: Champagne and wine, as well as an exquisite selection of beers from Rolinck Pilsener to Pale Ale and premium Southern German beers like Maisel and Tegernseer Helles.

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