Hamburg Tourismus Monitoring & Consulting

Hamburg Tourismus Monitoring & Consulting, a service provided by Hamburg Tourismus GmbH, offers the latest information, trends and developments, facts and figures as well as benchmarks and best practices from Hamburg’s tourism sector. As part of this service, we provide ongoing market monitoring, systematically analyse and prepare the findings and ensure reliable success control. Our monitoring system is continuously being developed and provides up-to-date, detailed information on the state of affairs and the current development of Hamburg's tourism industry.

The tools

  • Monitoring News in the Hamburg Tourism Report (latest information and trends from the tourism sector)
  • Tourist weather stations (number of visitors at key leisure facilities)
  • Market reports
  • Annual focal themes
  • Events such as trend workshops
  • HHT surveys, and more

The goals

  • Together with our partners, we contribute to continuously improving the economic success of companies active in Hamburg’s tourism sector by providing relevant information and recommendations.
  • Marketing, investment and funding decisions can only be made on the basis of solid data. In addition, we promote the creation of networks between various sectors and stakeholders involved in tourism.

Your benefits

  • Up-to-date facts and figures relevant to tourism
  • Supplementing official tourism statistics
  • Facilitating comparability with market competitors
  • Early identification of problematic developments
  • Concrete recommendations for action
  • Analysis and early warning system
  • Comparative figures from the industry
  • Clear, transparent information for political decision-makers and the general public
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The problem-oriented observation and identification of selected indicators and values requires dedicated market analyses and surveys. To this end, surveys on topical issues, e.g. Hamburg's guests and the quality of tourism in Hamburg, are commissioned in cooperation with partners.

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Monitoring Partners

Partner and expert support in Hamburg Tourism Monitoring.

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