Sunday shopping in Hamburg

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Explore Hamburg and go shopping on Sundays either in the city center or in one of the neighbourhoods!

On four Sundays a year, Hamburg's shops open their doors to welcome locals and guests. Usually, shops in Germany are closed on Sundays. But it is more than only shopping. Cultural events take place all over the city and make Sunday shopping in Hamburg special for the whole family!

The city centre invites you to the following events on Sundays when the shops are open, in line with the themes specified by the Senate:

  • January 07, 2024 - Winter magic in the city (motto sport and health)
  • March 24, 2024 - Spring magic (motto inclusion and integration)
  • September 29, 2024 - Opening credits for the film festival (motto children, youth and family)
  • November 03, 2024 - Art and culture (motto culture)

The shops will open from 1 PM to 6 PM. If you get tired of shopping in the city center, just pop by in one of the many neighbourhoods or shopping malls in Hamburg such as the Mercado Shopping Center in Ottensen, Alstertal Shopping Centre, Elbe Shopping Centre or the "Hamburger Meile".

On Sunday, 24.03.2024, a colourful programme of music and lots of activities awaits shopping enthusiasts. Stilt art in the form of giant butterflies and the cherry trees already in bloom will create an appetite for spring and make for exciting photo opportunities. Concerts on the themes of inclusion, integration and diversity by Kat Wulff at the Mönckebergbrunnen and Mischa Gohlke in the Europa Passage, for example, provide a musical backdrop.

We recommend to use public transport and hop on one of the many buses or metros in Hamburg to reach the city centre.

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