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Tierpark Hagenbeck

Hamburg's animalistic original

There are many highlights for young and old in Europe's nicest private zoo: a total of 1850 animals in large open-air spaces, an elephant house, an extensive orang-utan enclosure, the tropical aquarium and the new "Eismeer".

What child would not want to feed a giraffe, marvel at a baby elephant or observe cute and rare baby animals? You can do it all at Hagenbeck! In the animal park, monkeys, tigers etc. - a total of 1,850 animals from 210 species - live in large open-air spaces which reflect their natural living conditions. In summer, the "Dschungel- und Romantik-Nächte" shows are beloved by thousands.

Protection of the environment and species

What can we all do to contribute to the preservation of wild bees? What do flora and fauna have to offer? In the Tierpark Hagenbeck zoo you can learn a lot about the environment and species protection. The zoo’s school provides children and adults with an abundance of information and gives them the opportunity to find out everything about the different species and their current threats. Tierpark Hagenbeck has taken it upon itself to preserve the flora and fauna for future generations. Many endangered species are kept from extinction through conservation programmes. They also support and promote research programmes and projects in the animals’ native countries. The zoo also pays attention to the efficient use of resources, for example, only using service water, and was the first zoo in Germany to receive the international ecolabel.

Arctic Ocean and Tropical Aquarium Hagenbeck

The Arctic Ocean is Hamburg's coolest place. On more than 8,000 square metres you will experience breathtaking views over and under the water. Discover polar bears, king penguins, sea bears and walruses with Germany's first walrus offspring. A 750 metre long circular trail leads through the middle of an impressive seabird aviary. In the Arctic Ocean, every visitor becomes a polar explorer.

You shouldn't miss a visit to the tropical aquarium, which covers more than 8,000 m². There you will experience more than 14,300 exotic animals on land, in the water and in caves.

Short & Sweet

  • For whom animal lovers, whether young or young at heart
  • Get to by public transport with HVV (U2 or bus)
  • Must-See Giraffes, Baby Elephants, Tropical Aquarium, Arctic Sea, Monkey Park - simply everything
  • This much time must be 4 - 6 hours
  • Catering There is a small bistro
  • Tip Don't forget your camera

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© Hagenbeck

An expedition through the tropics of Hamburg. Hagenbeck Tropical Aquarium

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© instagram.com/iphotography_de

Unique in the world Eismeer Hagenbeck

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© ThisIsJulia Photography

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