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Nature conservation areas

Green break in Hamburg

Natural landscapes in the big city All nature reserves at a glance

Enchanted moors, dense leafy forests, mudflats and marshes, wet meadows along the Elbe, dry sand dunes and blooming heath - in Hamburg's 37 nature reserves you can discover a wide variety of natural landscapes. This means that around 9 per cent of the state's area is under protection, a figure that no other federal state can match. We will show you where you can best discover the species-rich flora and fauna. A true animal paradise is the Duvenstedter Brook nature reserve, where red deer call to rut in autumn. The Fischbeker Heide is an ideal hiking area, and not just when the heathland is in bloom, and in the Boberg dunes you will feel as if you are at the North Sea.

Fascinating landscapes and diverse wildlife Untouched nature in the big city

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Hamburg has some real insider tips when it comes to nature: not far from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, you can find unspoilt nature and beautiful places to relax. Hamburg is also considered one of the greenest cities in Germany because of its large expanse of green spaces.

Many locals take public transport into the surrounding countryside at the weekend and take a walk in the protected habitats, for example in the forest or moorland, to unwind.

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Discover. Sustainability. Green Hamburg

Hamburg is not only among the world's Top 10 greenest cities. Its residents are also tops in sustainable use and management of their city.

Green Hamburg
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Cycling in Hamburg| Explore Hamburg by bike!

Cycle through Hamburg and the surrounding area and ride through Hamburg's green soul, along the Elbe or to the most famous landmarks outside Hamburg. Enjoy coffee and a tasty piece of cake in the small cafés away from the big city, or in the heart of the city on the Binnenalster. Below, we have compiled the best bicycle tours through the city and its surroundings.

Cycling in Hamburg| Explore Hamburg by bike!
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Vegetarian & vegan

Whether you're a vegetarian, a vegan, or neither, why not try specially created meat-free variants of specialities or classic dishes.

Vegetarian & vegan

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