Hamburg Tourism Netiquette

Rules for digital politeness on the Internet

We look forward to a lively, factual and friendly exchange on our social media channels and the associated website offers of Hamburg Travel - whether praise or criticism. 

What you need to know

Comments and reviews are public. We reserve the right to show content on our channels. You can object by placing two asterisks (**) in front of your comments.

Be nice to each other! A respectful and friendly tone is not only our North German way of life. Everyone has - within the legal framework - the right to his free opinion. The opinion should be able to be justified with arguments. Do not get involved in provocations. Cynicism, irony and sarcasm are written hard to recognize. Be careful with these stylistic devices. 

So that everyone can take part in the exchange, please comment and rate in German or English.

What is not allowed

  • Insults, threats, discrimination, defamation, slander and disparagement of any kind
  • calls for violence and glorification of violence
  • right-wing radicalism, racism and hate propaganda
  • pornography and obscenities
  • election and party advertising
  • comments with advertising purposes or other commercial contents in the comment function
  • infringement of third party rights, e.g. quotations without citation of source
  • appeals for donations, campaigns or demonstrations
  • non-thematic comments and discussions
  • links to external websites without reference to the topic
  • Advertising for third party offers
  • publication of private and personal data (e.g. addresses, e-mail addresses or telephone numbers)
  • spamming, Trolling and Bashing

We reserve the right to delete comments if they violate the above rules and to block people who repeatedly violate the netiquette. Every user is responsible for the contributions he publishes. Hamburg Travel accepts no liability for this. We reserve the right to adapt the netiquette.

Your editorial office of Hamburg Tourismus GmbH

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