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Hamburg Originals

TYPICAL HAMBURG Get to know these Hamburg restaurants

Anyone coming to Hamburg wonders what the city has to offer in culinary terms. Discover the real Hamburg in classic, original to modern, exclusive restaurants. We'll show you where you can get to know Hamburg's cuisine!

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Restaurants Hamburg
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Restaurants, cafés, tips Gastronomy in Hamburg

From fresh fish in a harbour-side restaurant, typical Old Hamburg cuisine with labskaus and red fruit jelly to all sorts of exotic specialities: In terms of food, Hamburg is up there with the best.

Gastronomy in Hamburg
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Fish Restaurants

If there's one thing Hamburg can't do without, it's fish. Fresh fish can be enjoyed in all of Hamburg's galleys - from fish & chips to fine specialities.

Fish Restaurants
Deutsche Küche
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German Restaurants

Nothing but sauerkraut and bratwurst? Not at all. Discover how Hamburg restaurants interpret classic German cuisine. From traditional to special, you'll find everything.

German Restaurants

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