Hamburger Ecken entdecken
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Routes through Hamburg's unique areas Discover new corners of Hamburg

Hamburg has a lot to offer. In addition to the well-known sights, there are numerous charming corners to discover. Explore Hamburg's neighborhoods and enjoy the most beautiful city in the world away from the center. Let yourself be inspired by our twelve routes with different focuses such as scene, nature, street art, or shopping, and start right away. We have put together tips for comfortable public transport arrival for you, but we also recommend covering parts of the route by bike. As charming and quirky, as urban and natural, and as peaceful and lively: discover new corners in Hamburg.

Time for strolling and culinary delights Enjoy Shopping

Our shopping and indulgence routes take you to vibrant neighborhoods in Hamburg. You will discover great shops and boutiques, always being able to take a break in a fantastic café or restaurant and absorb the Hamburg atmosphere. Explore Hamburg's "harbor balcony", walk along the Elbe to enjoy the view in the Treppenviertel, stroll through trendy districts and discover the most beautiful spots on the water.

Fischmarkt in Hamburg
© Frau Elbville

Particular flair in Altona and Ottensen Panorama route

This walk takes you through the districts of Altona and Ottensen. Enjoy a great selection of special cafés, restaurants and shopping opportunities, an…

Panorama route
Stadtteil Eppendorf in Hamburg
© Boelter / Alamy Stock Foto

Hamburg's Favourites Eppendorf and Eimsbüttel Boulevard route

Discover the Hamburg's popular districts Eimsbüttel and Eppendorf. Magnificent old building facades, down-to-earth and exquisite restaurants as well…

Boulevard route
Treppenviertel in Blankenese bei Dämmerung
© Adobe Stock/Marco2811

From Övelgönne to the stairway quarter Elbe villa route

Get to know Hamburg from its maritime side with this route. Here, the Elbe panorama with harbour cranes and giant containerships meets…

Elbe villa route
Café im Karoviertel
© westend61 / Roger Richter

The creative “Karoviertel” district Trendy route

This route takes you on a stroll through Hamburg's trendy district. The Karoviertel in the heart of Hamburg invites you to shop and enjoy away from…

Trendy route

Nature in the city Nature experiences

Even in a bustling metropolis, there are numerous opportunities to discover and enjoy the beauty of nature. And in beautiful Hamburg, these opportunities are diverse. Marvel at the originality of an urban forest, enjoy the vastness of the heath, experience an impressively varied hike along the Alster river or visit Hamburg's North Sea island in the Wadden Sea.

Wohldorfer Wald
© Mediaserver Hamburg / Christian Brandes

The idyllic Wohldorfer Wald Forest route

Discover untouched nature on this special forest route. In the very north of Hamburg lies the Wohldorfer Wald, a wonderful destination for an…

Forest route
Fischbeker Heide in Hamburg im Sonnenuntergang
© Mediaserver Hamburg / Christian Brandes

Through the port to Fischbeker Heide Heath route

This route from the harbour to Fischbeker Heide is hard to beat for variety. Get an insight into Hamburg's aircraft industry as well as northern…

Heath route
Binnenalster mit Barkasse in Hamburg
© / Andreas Vallbracht

From the Inner Alster Lake to the Alster Valley Alster Route

Experience the contrasts of a big city in green surroundings. The Alster is one of Hamburg's most beautiful waterways, which you can follow on this…

Alster Route
Luftaufnahme der Insel Neuwerk
© Mediaserver Hambrug /Bernd Schlüsselburg

Hamburg’s island in the Wadden Sea North Sea route

Out of the city and into the mud flats! This route is located around 100 km from Hamburg City Hall, in the Hamburg Wadden Sea on the island of…

North Sea route

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© Geheimtipp Hamburg

Cycling in Hamburg| Explore Hamburg by bike!

Cycle through Hamburg and the surrounding area and ride through Hamburg's green soul, along the Elbe or to the most famous landmarks outside Hamburg. Enjoy coffee and a tasty piece of cake in the small cafés away from the big city, or in the heart of the city on the Binnenalster. Below, we have compiled the best bicycle tours through the city and its surroundings.

Cycling in Hamburg| Explore Hamburg by bike!
Panorama Binnenalster Sonnenaufgang
© / DoubleVision

Every season. Unique. Beautiful Hamburg all year round

Between the Alster and Elbe, surrounded by green and in the middle of the vibrant city, you can experience much the whole year round. Discover our tips for the four best seasons that Hamburg has to offer.

Hamburg all year round
© ThisIsJulia Photography

The whole world's port Maritime Hamburg

Desire for the water, harbour flair and large boats? Then you're in the right place so close to the Elbe. No matter whether you take off on your own or want to experience such highlights as the Harbour Birthday or Cruise Days, we tell you when and where you can enjoy Hamburg's maritime flair pure.

Maritime Hamburg

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