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Whether at Gänsemarkt, HafenCity or Großneumarkt - the Hanseatic City presents a whole range of atmospheric flea markets and antique markets. A flea market in Hamburg means a convivial atmosphere, leisurely stroll from one stand to the next and the occasional bargain is sure to be found. All flea market dates in Hamburg can be found here!

Flea market dates for Hamburg

Hamburg has everything from street flea markets to indoor flea markets like the FABRIK or even very special flea markets like the girls flea market. The Hamburg flea market scene also has a lot to offer for flea fans. Take a leisurely stroll over the flea dome at the Horner racecourse or the Bahrenfelder Trabrennbahn when it says: "Pull out your most beautiful junk". Design lovers don't stay on the track either. Flea market dates for Hamburg's most iconic flea market Flea jump are very easy to remember. The flea market takes place every Saturday at the bunker.

Flea market facts

Flea markets are a fact of life in Hamburg. Of course, this is also connected with Hamburg's commercial tradition. In addition to Hamburg's sights like Michel, Elbphilharmonie etc., many small treasures adorn the Hanseatic city. Many big and small flea markets take place regularly in Hamburg. The dates are also published regularly. By the way, the name "flea market" comes from the late Middle Ages. At that time, well-to-do princes gave their old clothes to the people. The people exchanged and traded with these princely gifts, whereby a stowaway flea or two also changed owners. If you want to sell or barter your own treasures, there are a few things you should consider before your flea market adventure.

Tips for a lucrative and fun day at a Hamburg flea market

  • To defy the typical Hamburg weather, the perfect flea market fan should have wind- and waterproof clothing. Whether in front of or behind the wallpaper table!
  • The long wait for the first visitors can be bridged by taking advantage of social networks. Facebook or Instagram are very well suited for this. They get flea market fans out of bed on Sunday.
  • Know the clientele! Sure, many people like to stroll through a flea market. But who comes to your stand? True Hamburg flea market professionals can recognize their customers from afar.
  • Start the music and off goes the flea market in Hamburg! Flea markets in Hamburg can definitely be musical. Simply take a portable jukebox and turn your stand into a party mile.
  • A flea market is only a Hamburg flea market when you can chat with nice people. To make sure you don't have to handle your booth alone, it's best to ask a friend to keep you company.

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Dawdling around Hamburg's best flea markets

Rummage around flea markets for all it's worth! Year-round, in summer as well as in winter, at Hamburg's flea markets you'll always find what you've never looked for or never knew you needed!

Hamburg's best flea markets
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Regional and fres Farmer's markets in Hamburg

Whether for strolling and marvelling, tasting fresh regional produce or for a nice chat - Hamburg's weekly markets are an experience for all the senses.

Farmer's markets in Hamburg
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Dates, themes, department shops Sunday Shopping

Explore Hamburg and go shopping on Sundays either in the city center or in one of the neighbourhoods!

Sunday Shopping


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