Farmer's market in Hamburg

Farmer's market hamburg
© Geheimtipp Hamburg
Farmer's market hamburg
© Geheimtipp Hamburg
Farmer's market hamburg
© ThisIsJulia Photography
Farmer's market hamburg
© ThisIsJulia Photography

Whether for the bulk buying of the week, a nice chat or to stroll and marvel, Hamburg's farmers' markets attract visitors from near and far. Just in time for market day, the stands are set up with fresh and mostly regional produce. The colourful market activity promises an experience for all senses.

At around 100 farmer's markets in Hamburg, market criers, traders and buyers gather together. Every week, fishmongers, greengrocers and florists fill the marketplaces with life all over the city. For many Hamburg residents, the farmer's market is firmly anchored in their diaries. While most markets reward early rising at daybreak, the St. Pauli night market is also a great place for late risers and working people.

Fresh produce under the subway tracks

The Isemarkt in Eppendorf is one of the most famous farmer's markets in Hamburg. Since 1949, the market stalls under the elevated railway bridge of the U3 line have been captivating visitors. The offer of the traders ranges from regional fruit to exotic spices. The colourful variety attracts regular guests from the neighbourhood and interested travellers. Every Tuesday and Friday there is a hustle and bustle at the Isemarkt.

Tradition and creativity

In many districts, the marketplaces are transformed at least once a week into strongholds for fresh fruit, vegetables, bread and meat. Every Wednesday and Saturday there is a buffet of tasty snacks and fresh products at the Großneumarkt. The farmers' markets in Harburg and Wandsbek are among Hamburg's culinary institutions. Every day (except Sundays) the traders offer their goods for sale here. Other regional suppliers can be found at the farmer's markets in Ottensen and Blankenese. A particularly creative market is held in the factory every first Saturday of the month. The market time always follows a new motto. The spectrum ranged from Taco-Sause to Ramen-Festival.

Weekly market the Hamburg way - the Hamburg original the "fish market

Probably the most traditional farmer's market in the city is the Hamburg fish market. The colourful market events are rung in early every Sunday morning. Visitors can expect a generous selection of fish, fruit, vegetables and Franzbrötchen. The Hamburg Fish Market is a popular meeting place for neighborhood people to end the night together at sunrise. Live acts provide entertainment in the fish auction hall. The Hamburg Fish Market is the best proof that Hamburg is a professional when it comes to farmer's markets.

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Fischmarkt Hamburg
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Regional and fresh The most beautiful farmer's markets in Hamburg

Hamburg offers many weekly markets. Every day, merchants sell their fresh goods and invite countless visitors to shop and stroll with amazement.

The most beautiful farmer's markets in Hamburg
Flohmarkt Flohschanze
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Flea markets in Hamburg mean a social atmosphere, comfortable strolling from stand to stand and at the same time, definite bargains. All flea market dates in Hamburg can be found here!

Flea Markets in Hamburg
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