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Explore your own personal Hamburg

Whether you are travelling with your family, exploring Hamburg at night or on holiday with your partner - we give you the best tips, recommendations and offers for your stay here. There are so many restaurants, events and more in Hamburg that there is something for everyone. Browse our categories now!

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Tips & Recommendations Families

Experience Hamburg with the whole family! Whether a city trip or an adventure holiday, Hamburg has a lot to offer.

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First time here? Tips for your first visit to Hamburg

If you've never been to Hamburg, you'll definitely want to see the touristic attractions. But Hamburg is more than its harbour and the Elbphilharmonie. This ultimate Hamburg Starter Kit tells you where to find the nicest souvenirs and enjoy the best…

Tips for your first visit to Hamburg
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Colourful Hamburg Hamburg for LGBTQIA+

Discover where Hamburg's LGBTQIA+ community is at home!

Hamburg for LGBTQIA+
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Tips for night owls Hamburg for late-night fans

Attention all night owls and party friends! We show you the best nighttime hangouts in Hamburg.

Hamburg for late-night fans
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Sports through the day Action-packed Hamburg

We show you where you can really get moving in Hamburg or just get some relaxed activity into your day.

Action-packed Hamburg

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Get to know Hamburg! This is Hamburg

All possible top tips, everything about Hamburg's city areas, Hamburg like a local, the greater metropolitan area and much more.

This is Hamburg
hamburg ahoi
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Insider tips Blog »hamburg ahoi«

We will show you the city and its people, unforgettable experiences and we will be on the road in our versatile districts. Accompany us through the most beautiful city in the world ♥

Blog »hamburg ahoi«
Binnenalster Sonnenaufgang
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Everything is possible in Hamburg See & Explore

The city on the Elbe with Germany's most well-known harbour offers its guest city life at its best, with once-in-a-lifetime shopping, cultural and outdoors experiences. Enter the fray, discover gastronomical delights or shop to your heart's content!

See & Explore

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