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Hamburg for Creatives

Ideas. Inspirations. Ateliers.

Hamburg is not only a metropolis of business and commerce, but also offers creative minds sources of inspiration, entertainment and a place where they can work on their ideas. No matter if it's ateliers for young designers or coworking places for start-ups who want to realise their dreams. Anyone who wants to transform an idea into reality in this city has the opportunity to do so. For creative minds, Hamburg is full of possibilities! The city consists of different quarters which differ in their flair and lifestyle and from which many artists are inspired.

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Lettering by Martina Johanna Lettering Workshops in Hamburg

Hand lettering is the term used to describe the trend of drawing letters. It is the art of making letters, words and whole sentences beautiful.

Lettering Workshops in Hamburg
© Pixabay / jdpereiro

Co-Working in Hamburg

Coworking is not a trend. Coworking is a way of life. Sitting together with old, new or future friends and exchanging ideas.

Co-Working in Hamburg
© Pixabay / congerdesign

Wine seminars

Attending a wine seminar in Hamburg lets holiday-goers and locals get to know the many different types and facets of this drink.

Wine seminars
© Bloomon

Embellish your home Flower-arranging workshops in Hamburg

Make your own home more attractive or gift your loved ones with self-made flower arrangements.

Flower-arranging workshops in Hamburg
© Pixabay / eliasfalla

Coffee Roasters

Discover true coffee variety at Hamburg's coffee roasters.

Coffee Roasters
© Unsplash / Max Delsid

Snip, snack, feast! Cooking schools for every taste

Hamburg's cooking schools have the best recipe for a breath of fresh air on your home kitchen table. Whether you're a beginner or experienced amateur chef, participants conjure up all kinds of delicacies under expert guidance and then enjoy the…

Cooking schools for every taste

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Binnenalster im Sommer
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Adventure, recreation & sports

Boredom? You'll hardly ever hear this word in Hamburg. Whether a drizzle has blown in from the north or there's blue sky and bright sunshine, you'll never lack for something to do. Whether you're an athletic superstar, artist, water rat or gourmet - you'll find just the right activity for a free day!

Adventure, recreation & sports
© Pixabay / AndiP

Yoga in Hamburg

There's hardly any better way to escape the chaos and hectic of the big city than with one of the many yoga courses in Hamburg.

Yoga in Hamburg
Kanu fahren Alster Hamburg
© Lars – stock.adobe.com

Boat Rentals in Hamburg

Discovering Hamburg from the water is a new and highly interesting way of seeing the Hanseatic City.

Boat Rentals in Hamburg

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