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Hamburg Harbour & Environs

Discover Europe's second largest port!

Around 13,000 seagoing vessels from all over the world call at Europe's second largest port every year. From the cruise terminal to the historic Speicherstadt, and from the jetties to the modern container port, the smell of freedom and distant lands is in the air. The harbour shows its best side from the water. Numerous round trips invite tourists daily to discover this facet and offer a unique perspective on the heart of Hamburg. In addition, spectacular cruise ships, container ships, as well as one or the other museum ship, can always surprise you. Once ashore, the maritime harbour flair attracts with a view of the Elbe and excellent restaurants surrounded by the HafenCity and the Övelgönne beach.

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The Elbe

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The Elbe

In need of some refreshment? Restaurants near the harbour

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Brücke 10

Brücke 10 is a cosy little bistro located in the Port of Hamburg.

Brücke 10
OCEAN Fisch- und Steakrestaurant
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Right by the harbour OCEAN Fish and Steak Restaurant

In the OCEAN fish and steak restaurant you can enjoy delicious fish or meat dishes directly at the harbour and then set off to other Hamburg sights.

OCEAN Fish and Steak Restaurant
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The Fischerhaus in Hamburg, situated between Fischmarkt and Elbe, offers a perfect view of the harbour and Elbphilharmonie. Fresh North Sea fish such as plaice, halibut and green herring are served.


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The whole world's port Maritime Hamburg

Desire for the water, harbour flair and large boats? Then you're in the right place so close to the Elbe. No matter whether you take off on your own or want to experience such highlights as the Harbour Birthday or Cruise Days, we tell you when and where you can enjoy Hamburg's maritime flair pure.

Maritime Hamburg
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Maritime Events

The water of the Alster or Elbe is within reach in almost all corners of Hamburg. Experience unique events near the water and at the harbour!

Maritime Events
Stadtpark Hamburg
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Green Hamburg

Far away from the Elbe and Alster, Hamburg also offers many other places for relaxation, play and sports in large, modern but also historic areas.

Green Hamburg

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