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The former fishing village Övelgönne and today's district of Hamburg is worth a visit for tourists as well as for locals at any time of the year - whether beach walk, jogging lap or a cosy meal with a view of the Elbe - everyone can relax here.

Övelgönne or Oevelgönne? Both are technically correct. But in this district of Hamburg, you should pay attention to more than the spelling, because even though nowadays only the relevant section of Hamburg's Elbe beach is called this, there is still much to explore and experience!

Övelgönne was mentioned for the first time – in the church records of the municipality of Ottensen – in 1674, and was until 1890 a rural municipality in the district of Pinneberg. In 1938 it joined Altona and since then it has been a district of Othmarschen. Övelgönne was formerly a small fishing village and the inhabitants offered ferry services.

On sunny days, for many residents of Hamburg, a walk from Teufelsbrück to Övelgönne is simply de rigeur - especially on Sundays. It is not deserted here in Winter either: Because on the banks of the Elbe there are many restaurants with different styles - from terraces to beach bars. In Övelgönne you will stroll past some small houses and beautiful gardens that lie picturesquely along the Elbe. These include the Altes Lotsenhaus: The Lotsenbrüderschaft (pilots' fraternity) was founded here in 1745 and some years later it became a public inn and was only renovated a few years ago. The stunning views of the Elbe beach and the harbour have remained, of course

Stroll, relax and watch the ships on the Elbe beach

On the Elbe beach you can not only enjoy the sun and relax, but also take part in a variety of leisure activities. Locals and tourists use the kilometre-long beach on the Elbe for walks in summer and winter and to watch the huge container ships in the harbour. Sports enthusiasts can be seen jogging or walking. At certain places on the Elbe beach barbecues are allowed. However, you must ensure that no litter is left behind afterwards. But you can also enjoy a picnic with friends on Hamburg's Elbe beach. There are some hotels near the Elbe beach. It is also possible to camp near the beach. A special attraction is located directly on the Elbe beach. This is where the boulder "The old Swede" lies. This stone was found during excavations on the Elbe in 1999. The large boulder weighs 217 tonnes.

On the Elbe beach in Hamburg, there is plenty to see. At the Neumühlen docks you will find the Museumshafen with its impressive historic ships. The signs inform visitors about the individual ships and the history of the small harbour. Nearby there are many charming cafés, restaurants and in the summer also a Beach Club. At almost all the cafés you can sit outside in the sun. Famous here is the trendy café Strandperle which lies right on the beach. Almost immediately next to Museumshafen begins the beautiful Elbe beach.

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CITY AREA PORTRAIT Blankenese & Elbe outskirts

The former fishing and seamen's village of Blankenese is situated directly on the Elbe. It is the perfect starting point for hopping on a sailing boat or on the Elbe ferry, or for taking long walks along the shore. Another highlight is a visit to the Treppenviertel (German for staircase quartier) with a spectacular view of the lighthouse and the Falkenstein shore.

Blankenese & Elbe outskirts

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