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Altes Land bei Hamburg

Discover the fruit paradise.

Nordic fruit orchards, pink fields of blossoms and a fresh Elbe breeze – the Alte Land is one of the prettiest day trip destinations far away from the massiveness of the Hamburg metropolitan area.

As one of northern Europe’s largest fruit-growing areas, Altes Land is not only a place where you can get away from it all and simply relax; there’s also a lot to see. The Alte Land is part of the Elbe marsh area and located in southwest Hamburg. It is surrounded by arms of water and gentle meadows. Especially in the spring when the apple trees are blossoming, or in July when the cherries are ripe – when they can simply be plucked from the tree – the Alte Land is especially beautiful.
Cycling in the fruit paradise This area is an El Dorado for active holiday-makers, especially cyclists. On a cycling tour of the Alte Land, you can explore circa 100 km of main and subsidiary river dykes of this fruit paradise and enjoy nature at its best. The charming villages and chant visitors with their old half-timbered houses and nice gardens. Cosy cafés invite you to pause for a piece of cherry cake; regional products are offered for sale in the farm shops. 
The Elbe cyclist and hiker’s shuttle is a convenient option for families with children to discover the Alte Land. It travels along the Elbe and connects the towns of Horneburg and Balje. In-between stretches can easily be covered with the shuttle when young explorers get too tired from lots of pedalling. 
Additional activities in the Alte Land The seemingly endless open landscape of the Alte Land is also made for hiking or shorter walks. Walking tours through the fruit orchards are a highly special experience: They provide visitors with fantastic views and hobby photographers with many wonderful motifs. The kilometre-long dykes invite holiday-makers to take extensive treks. The huge ships on the Elbe can also be marvelled at from the river banks. Idyllic villages are perfect for window shopping and relaxing. Those who enjoy a bit of luxury can take a tour on a horse-drawn coach or covered wagon. “Bosseln” is regional pastime found here that offers an entertaining diversion. Two teams roll a hard rubber ball along a course; the team that reaches the goal with the fewest throws wins. Altes Land near Hamburg – many activities for young and old.
Events in Alte Land Altländer Apfeltage | September two November
Apples from the Alte Land are well known far beyond the region! This is why they have their own Festival: The Altländer Apfeltage, or “Alte Land Apple Days”. Many fascinating events take place during the apple-picking season; you can also replenish your own stockpiles of apples here as well!
Altländer Blütenfest | May
For nearly 40 years, the first weekend in May in the Alte Land is reserved for the traditional crowning of the Blossom Queen! She represents the Alte Land and the fertility of this unique place. The Blossom Queen is celebrated for two whole days in a large festival-site and with a parade, concert and fireworks. 
Altländer Kirschenwoche | June/July
The Alte Land Cherry Week is always held during the first week of July, when it’s time to pick the sweet fruit from the tree. Tours, concerts, farmyard festivals and the Alte Land Cherry Market in Jork takes place at this time.

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