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Delzepich Eis
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In the mood for a surprise? Then the Delzepich Ice Cream is the right place for you! Every day there are different freshly made flavours of ice cream to choose from.

Fresh and unadulterated: Delzepich's ice cream preparation follows a decade-old recipe. Natural and regional ingredients are processed in the ice cream laboratory.

Pure delight

At Delzepich Eis you can enjoy pure ice cream. According to the motto "What's in it is what's on it", artificial additives are a no-go in the ice-cream parlour. To ensure that the ice cream tastes fresh at any time of the day, the different types of ice cream are prepared several times a day.

Changing offer

The offer of Delzepich changes daily. If you don't like surprises, you can view the range online. The ice cream creations range from traditional vanilla ice cream to the frozen Franzbrötchen feast.

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