Klimperkiste Traditional pub in the city

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The secret behind the Klimperkiste is that it doesn’t have one. It doesn’t matter if guests are laying the ground stone for a long pub crawl, or want to have a nightcap – they won’t be disappointed.

"One more to go!" The most unusual thing about this venue is probably its opening hours, as guests can find admission here until four o'clock on some nights, and even until six in the morning on some nights. The Klimperkiste not only serves beer, spirits or cocktails, but the menu is also worth a look, with a good 60 different dishes. For a quick drink, there's a cozy little counter with a view of the open kitchen; if you want to linger longer, take a seat in the back part of the restaurant.

It's not easy to describe the ambience - too restless for a restaurant, too clean and professionally run for a dive bar. What is certain is that the Klimperkiste has been offering solid hospitality for many years, making it a popular destination for day and night revellers of all stripes: the later the evening, the more mixed the crowd, the funnier and more chaotic it gets.

Perhaps it is the diversity and the pluralism that make this pub so endearing: Beer drinkers will be pleased with a rich draft beer selection ranging from Duckstein to Guinness to Lübzer Pils. And those who like sweet cocktails à la "Swimming Pool" or "Sex on the Beach" are just as welcome as professional barflies, who come across a surprisingly large selection of the best gins, vodkas and whiskies. If you're hungry, you can order daring baguette creations like the "Chita-Banana" with banana, ham, Gouda and remoulade, but also a down-to-earth vegetable casserole or goulash soup.

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