© 2018 Hamburg Tourismus GmbH Johanna Nickel
© 2018 Hamburg Tourismus GmbH Johanna Nickel

In the Auster Bar, located at the heart of Eimsbüttel and surrounded by good restaurants, everything is as it should be. With a nice cool drink in your hand, you can relax in one of the low leather chairs.

This is what you want from a corner pub: come in, take a seat at the bar, admire the selection of spirits behind the bar. A Whiskey Sour perhaps? Or rather a White Russian? Perhaps a chat with the barkeeper about types of gin and current tonic water trends will clear things up…

In the Auster Bar, located at the heart of Eimsbüttel and surrounded by good restaurants, everything is how it should be. With a nice cool (and extremely civilly-priced) drink in your hand, you can relax in one of the low leather chairs, in which you automatically adopt a position that lets you forget an upright walk. This is fitting, because they are not stingy with the alcohol when mixing the drinks here. You also have a suitable relaxed perspective of the disco ball that hangs from the ceiling, creating bright accents on the dark purple walls.

Draped across your chair like this, with a bunch of salt sticks in hand, you can leaf through the wide selection of magazines, chat with friends or listen to the tasteful sounds of the DJ. Be it Lounge, Black Music or electronic sounds: the music selection is always great.

But in the Auster Bar – which really did used to be a neighbourhood watering hole – you are not only beholden to the sophisticated but unpretentious drinking culture. Now and again, they hold poetry slams here, there is the occasional jazz concert, and during important football matches, the projector is set up. And even when the ball is rolling and the football fever is high, the mood remains cheerful and relaxed in the Auster Bar. Everyone is on first-name terms, people like to take a strong drink or two, but nobody gets hysterical when things aren’t going well for their team. Why would you want to jump across tables and chairs when it’s so comfortable lying down …?

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Bars & Pubs

End the evening with a cool drink or dance the night away - we show you the best bars and pubs in Hamburg!

Bars & Pubs
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CITY AREA PORTRAIT Eimsbüttel & Eppendorf

Here, one can find magnificent old building façades, local and exquisite restaurants as well as fancy boutiques and owner-operated shops. While Eppendorf is rather fancy, one can feel the hanseatic serenity in Eimsbüttel. Both districts offer much green and water and are hence with good reason very popular neighbourhoods in Hamburg.

Eimsbüttel & Eppendorf

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gin and events on St. Pauli clockers Bar

Homemade gin and various events can be found at clockers Bar St. Pauli.

clockers Bar
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Boundless freedom in the clouds Clouds & heaven's nest

The "heaven's nest" is located on the roof of the clouds restaurant, right at the beginning of the Reeperbahn. It offers a spacious lounge with sun loungers, tasteful furnishings and a champagne bar.

Clouds & heaven's nest
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Drinks with family and friends Familieneck

Freshly tapped Astra and a small DJ booth make for a successful evening in the family corner.


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