Eppendorf is one of Hamburg's more stylish and expensive districts - the range of boutiques and restaurants offer a nice alternative to the crowded city center.

Eppendorf is one of the "chicest" districts in Hamburg. Your shopping trip in Eppendorf begins on one of the main roads: Eppendorfer Landstrasse, Eppendorfer Weg or Eppendorfer Baum.

Cool and stylish Scandinavian fashion can be found at the "Grand Hotel of Sweden". At Linette you will find current collections by Chloé, Marc Jacobs, Marni and Prada. Next you can move on to the quaint coffee roasting house Burg on Eppendorfer Weg: besides several varieties of freshly roasted coffees you can also buy cocoa, teas and chocolate. Budding chefs will be delighted with the range of salts, spices, oils etc. that can be found Violas' & Delicatessen on Eppendorfer Baum. At Souk Interior Decoration on Eppendorfer Landstrasse, a colourful world of Moroccan dishes, French glasses, Swedish fabrics and home-made cushions is simply wonderful to browse through.

If you make it to the very end of Osterstrasse you can cool off with the best ice cream in town at "Eiszeit". Until then, there are still numerous small boutiques for you to browse - from mini-shopping centre "Kaufrausch" with fancy accessories and a chic café bar to "Wechselstube", a small shop with a large selection from Boss and Strenesse to Prada and Jil Sander. Who needs the bustle of the city centre and the major shopping malls?

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