© 2018 Hamburg Tourismus GmbH Johanna Nickel
© 2018 Hamburg Tourismus GmbH Johanna Nickel
© 2018 Hamburg Tourismus GmbH Johanna Nickel

Die Pampi

Scandinavia has more to offer than just crime novels – it also has style.

Following the motto 'items from the heart for young and old' the concept stores called 'Die Pampi' mark their home in Hamburg’s trend neighborhoods Eimsbüttel and Winterhude. They seem to be at the heart for Scandinavian design in the city and if you are looking around the store you’ll immediately know why.

Carefully designed and uniquely illustrated accessories such as little stamps, cups, pillowcases, coasters, storage boxes and many more 'I WANT IT'- items are lovely presented. Especially for the little ones, Die Pampi offers a great selection. In the children’s section many happy animal faces smile from plates, bags or t-shirts and say hello to the little customers.

What sounds a bit like kitsch at first is, however, highly aesthetic and designed by carefully selected designers from our Nordic neighbors.

Between the wonderful home accessories and clothing rails, hipsters have been spotted as well– and they do have style, as everybody knows. Especially at the store at Osterstraße, they’ll find the suitable pair of cufflinks or the perfect tools for beard styling.

Also fans of  the 'shabby chic' or 'vintage' look are in good hands at Die Pampi and especially the followers of the unboxing phenomenon should check out the popular “Pampibox”.

And it gets even better: shopping fans will be pleased with moderate prices. Many items are available from 3 to 30 euros and clothes are almost always well below the three-digit range.

Another place for pure happiness is the paper corner of Die Pampi. Many sweet postcards, enjoyable to touch and look at, showing beautiful illustrations or minimalistic designs, are waiting to be send.

The name “Die Pampi” refers to the hometown of the owner, the beautiful village Pampilhosa da Serra in Portugal. How that fits the Scandinavian touch of the products remains an open question. Maybe even the owners themselves don’t know the answer. But it doesn’t really matter, because as soon as you stroll through the shop, you’ll fall in love with some of the lovely designed items.

And if you haven’t had enough of “Die Pampi”: there also is a café “Die Pampi” that serves delicious Portuguese coffee. Ten years ago, at this small and hidden place at Hellkamp 70 in Eimsbüttel the successful story of one of Hamburg’s first concept stores began.

from 11.90 €

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