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Waldfondue Hamburg

Cheese fondue under the open sky at the Gut Karlshöhe

Two Hamburg women bring Alpine romance to Hamburg! The guests of Waldfondue Hamburg gather directly in the forest around the cauldron in which a cheese fondue mixture made from regional cheese melts. This is an unforgettable fondue experience in the open air.

Cheese fondue with a difference

The cast-iron cauldron hangs over a crackling open fire, slowly melting the cheese fondue and spreading its spicy aroma. Equipped with an extra-long fork and a practical apron with pockets for bread cubes and a wine glass, the forest fondue experience begins.

Our location: The Gut Karlshöhe

The Karlshöhe Estate is a green oasis in the north-east of Hamburg. Here, in the open air on the meadow orchard, an open event of the Forest Fondue takes place every month. Whether alone, in pairs or in a group, everyone is welcome to sign up. The current dates can be found on the website of the Waldfondue Hamburg or the calendar of events of Gut Karlshöhe.

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Cheese Fondue in Hamburg

It's just cheese! Thank God, because what could be better than enjoying a few cosy hours with fondue in the wintertime?

Cheese Fondue in Hamburg
© Timo Sommer / Lee Maas


Hamburg North is a wonderful place to live. The city centre can be reached in no time, and there is plenty of nature nearby. Everything goes at a slightly slower pace here. But there are still many things to see and do.

Hamburg North

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The perfect day trip for the whole family Gut Karlshöhe

Whether it's the sheep-surf festival, the autumn market, the adventure exhibition "jahreszeitHAMBURG" or the explorer circuit - the Hamburg Environmental Centre at Gut Karlshöhe is your green oasis in the city - with great leisure activities for young and old. Here you can find out how "simply living well" can be successful within the framework of natural resources.

Gut Karlshöhe
© Hobenköök

Hobenköök on Karlshöhe Estate

The Karlshöhe estate is operated by the Hamburg Climate Protection Foundation. The modernization created an attractive excursion and education center around the topics of nature, energy and climate protection as a year-round offer for families and children, but also for other interested parties.

Hobenköök on Karlshöhe Estate
© ThisIsJulia Photography

Science Center Wald im Wälderhaus

The WÄLDERHAUS at the Wilhelmsburger Inselpark in Hamburg is completely dedicated to the topic "Forest and Wood". Around 80 stations provide exciting explanations of how the forest influences the ecological system of our planet.

Science Center Wald im Wälderhaus

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