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Luicella's Ice Cream

The new ice cream parlour in the Lange Reihe offers a unique glass of love bursting with flavour and colour.

At Luicella's, pure joie de vivre is served in a glass. The two founders of Luicella's Ice Cream already fulfilled their dream of having their own ice cream parlor in St. Pauli in 2013. And the dream continues: In the meantime, you can cool down in eight Luicella's ice cream stores.

Hand on heart: Is there anything better than enjoying a cool ice cream in the sun on a hot summer day? Probably not, otherwise we wouldn't be eating an average of 110 scoops a year - that's a whopping 7.6 liters of ice cream per capita. So it's no wonder that Markus Deibler's team has its hands full, especially in summer.

100% natural ingredients

The special thing about the ice cream is not only that it is made from 100% natural ingredients - it is the attention to detail with which the cups are served. The combination of fresh ice cream, homemade sauces and a crunchy topping makes ice cream dreams come true.

100% fancy ice cream dreams

At Luciella's Ice Cream, you're served sinfully delicious ice creams of the unusual kind every day: Caramel Salt, French Roll, Tonka Raspberry Sauce, Burnt Almond Maple Syrup and Mango Lassi are among the perennial favorites.

8 times in Hamburg

What's more, you simply feel at home in the bright and cozy ambience. No matter whether you want to enjoy your sundae of happiness indoors or outdoors. And if you can't make it to one of the ice cream stores, you can now also buy your favorite flavor in stores like Edeka and Rewe - and then enjoy it at home.

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Ice cream shop

you get topping or cream free of charge to the ice cream in all ice cream stores

Short & Sweet

  • CategoryCafé/Bistro
  • Type of cuisineGood & Low-cost, Hamburg originals
  • Price
  • Ambiencebright, colorful, picturesque
  • TipKarambazamba ice cream cup with strawberry sauce, peanut- and caramel ice cream, chocolate chips, caramel sauce and cream
  • Servicefriendly, reliable

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The best ice cream parlours in Hamburg

From classic Italian sundaes to vegan organic ice cream to completely new sorts and tastes, you'll find everything in Hamburg! The city is such an ice cream paradise, you won't know where to start. Thankfully, the summers here are long and we have listed the best of the best ice cream parlours here, none of which you should miss!

The best ice cream parlours in Hamburg
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Welcome to St. Georg, a borough full of contrasts. Located just behind Hamburg main railway station, it is colourful, multicultural, stylish and hip all the way up to the Alster.

St. Georg

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Workshops Luicellas Ice Cream

At Luicellas there is not only ice cream on hand, but also to make and create yourself.

Luicellas Ice Cream
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Augila in the Lindner Park-Hotel Hagenbeck

The spacious restaurant Augila in the Lindner Park-Hotel Hagenbeck in Hamburg with over 200 seats welcomes its guests in a colonial-exotic atmosphere of the 19th century.

Augila in the Lindner Park-Hotel Hagenbeck
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Something new is always being tried at the FuH without losing the characteristic flavour of the products used.


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