Fish restaurant Hoppe Maritime dining

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The Hoppe fish restaurant convinces with its Hanseatic delicacies and the best view of the Elbe. A must-go for all fans of Nordic cuisine.

Fish, fish, fish: the restaurant's menu is clearly dominated by the love of fish. Among the specialties of the house are Hoppe's fish platter and other fish creations. The restaurant's trademark is the unbeatable view of the Elbe. The museum harbour Övelgönne is located directly in front of the restaurant. The gigantic container port is enthroned on the opposite side of the Elbe. A visit to the Hoppe fish restaurant is a special Hanseatic experience.

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CITY AREA PORTRAIT Blankenese & Elbe outskirts

The former fishing and seamen's village of Blankenese is situated directly on the Elbe. It is the perfect starting point for hopping on a sailing boat or on the Elbe ferry, or for taking long walks along the shore. Another highlight is a visit to the Treppenviertel (German for staircase quartier) with a spectacular view of the lighthouse and the Falkenstein shore.

Blankenese & Elbe outskirts

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