Skurrilum St. Pauli Exciting stories in the Klubhaus St. Pauli

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The Skurrilum St. Pauli is all about the story. Exciting and sophisticated narratives lead through the individually designed adventure spaces. Thrills guaranteed!

Visitors to the Skurrilum in the St. Pauli clubhouse can choose between five different experience rooms. Whether in a jungle cave, magic chamber or neighbourhood pub, guessing riddles in the Skurrilum requires strong nerves.

What awaits you

Time is of no importance in the bizarre world of St. Pauli. In a group of two to eight people, tricky puzzles must be solved without time pressure. Logical thinking and teamwork are the key to success. How about solving cases with ghost hunter Ernie Hudson? In two adventure worlds, which have the Ghost Hunter as their theme, you will experience an exciting combination of Escape Room and audio play. Different locations, numerous effects and surprises ensure that you can completely immerse yourself in the story. In the Escape Room Malvini's Legacy, you enter a magical magic chamber full of mystical puzzles and occult elements. Solve the mystery of magic - all real, or clever play with illusions? Guschi's geile Grotte is the classic of the Skurrilum. In the red light milieu of the 80s, you break into a notorious neighborhood bar as a team of crooks in search of big money. Attention: Admission only from 18 years! The latest adventure area of the Skurrilum is The Phantom Island. Bone hunters and treasure seekers find themselves on the lost Phantom Island and explore it - but be careful! Not everything is as it seems.

The makers

The creative heads of the Hamburg Schmidt Theater are the authors of the Escape Games. The results of their artistic work are exciting stories that are thought through down to the smallest detail.

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