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Opolum Outdoor Escape Game

Sightseeing & Puzzles & City Tour

The OPOLUM Outdoor Escape Game is a mixture of sightseeing, Escape Room puzzles and a self-guided city tour. Playfully discover the hotspots of the Speicherstadt and gain knowledge about the world heritage site.

The OPOLUM has been a premium Escape Room provider since 2015 and since 2018 can be found in Hamburg's Speicherstadt directly in a historic warehouse.

During the pandemic, the OPOLUM team developed the best outdoor Escape Game in Hamburg. Here, puzzles do not have to be solved on the small smartphone, but via a tablet with self-developed OPOLUM app and a puzzle bag with many utensils that are needed during the tour. The equipment is handed out at the historic OPOLUM location. The friendly staff on site will explain everything you need to know before the game, so that you as investigators are well prepared on your tour through the Speicherstadt.

Sightseeing in the Speicherstadt

The OPOLUM has selected the best spots in the Speicherstadt. In addition to popular tourist spots that should not be missed on any tour, hidden insider tips are also included. The tablet guides you through the Speicherstadt with the help of GPS - and of course a short detour to the Elbphilharmonie is also included.

Great puzzles and interactions

The OPOLUM Outdoor Escape Game has various puzzle stations. The aim is to solve the respective puzzles with the help of the tablets, puzzle bag and of course with the environment. With the OPOLUM app, there are no limits to the puzzles: from exciting mini-games, to augmented reality, to the use of a compass, this tour is very multi-faceted. And due to the cooperation and connection with local partners, it can happen that you have to pick up a clue in a location. The game is designed for tourists with no previous experience in Escape Rooms. The goal is to solve as many puzzles as possible. If a puzzle can't be cracked, the tablet sends you to the next station.

A very special city tour

On this self-guided tour, there is no guide to impart knowledge. In this special form of city tour, the knowledge is played for. When the puzzle has been solved at a spot, the reward is the knowledge about the place you are currently at. This concept is called Edutainment (composed of the words Education=Knowledge & Entertainment=Entertainment). It is especially interesting for families with children.

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