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Embark on a discovery tour of your senses. With Dialogue in the Dark, Dialogue in Silence and Dinner in the Dark, three exciting exhibitions await you in the heart of the Speicherstadt.

The experience exhibition about not being able to see

DIALOGUE IN THE DARK: In completely darkened rooms, blind exhibition guides lead small groups through an exhibition area of approximately 400 square meters. Equipped with blind people's canes and guided by a guide, visitors experience many things from a completely new perspective. A walk through the park or crossing a street intersection in a city becomes a completely new experience through not being able to see. The hosts make sure that the exhibition visitors feel comfortable in this unfamiliar scenario. The tour ends in the dark bar. Many questions arise during the tour, which the guide answers here. This exchange brings the unusual experience to a close.

DINNER IN THE DARK: Dinner in the dark takes place on different days and can be attended only after a prior reservation. At this dinner you will be served a four-course menu in the dark. This way you can experience your sense of taste in a completely new way and your usual table culture will become a completely new challenge for one or the other.

The experience exhibition about not being able to hear

DIALOG IM STILLEN: Deaf exhibition guides accompany visitors through experience stations in soundproofed and bright exhibition rooms of DIALOG IM STILLEN. Soundproof headphones ensure that the noises and dialogues that are part of everyday life for most people can no longer be heard. Instead, guests and guides experiment with expressive gestures and facial expressions. The exhibition team introduces visitors to a world where presence and clear communication are required.

Kids in dialogue

In the latest exhibition, KIDS IM DIALOG, children between the ages of 3 and 7 will be able to experience how a wide variety of emotions can be expressed in their voices. This exhibition, like all the others, is intended to take up the mission of the DIALOGHAUS: Overcoming exclusion, reducing fear of contact and strengthening social cohesion.

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© Dialoghaus Hamburg

Journey into absolute darkness Dialogue in the dark

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