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Dinner in the Dark

Taste rediscovered

Eating once in complete darkness is a completely new experience that you can experience at DINNER IN THE DARK.

The DIALOGHAUS offers not only a DIALOG IN THE DARK but also the DINNER IN THE DARK , a meal in total darkness. This takes place on different days, mostly Thursday - Saturday and can only be visited by reservation. At the Dinner in the Dark you will experience a very special kind of culinary delights, because here the eye is guaranteed not to eat with you. In this setting, blind people serve the guest a menu consisting of three courses in a completely darkened room. The culinary journey starts with a champagne reception in the foyer. A seasonally changing 3-course menu then awaits you in the dark restaurant. A challenge for palate and table culture. The cost of such a Dinner in the Dark is 79.00 euros.

The DIALOGUE IN THE DARK already exists since the year 2000 in Hamburg, and it enjoys since then, from Mo-Su 10-17:00 o'clock innumerable visitor:inside. A reservation in advance is recommended.

Other exhibitions in the Dialoghaus Hamburg are Dialog im Stillen and since April 2023 KIDS- Kinder im Dialog, an exhibition for social learning for children from 3-7 years.


Experience social sustainability

The Dialoghaus stands for a world without prejudices. Visitors are encouraged to think and act in new ways through intensive impressions. A positive social attitude, empathy and unprejudiced interaction are encouraged. To this end, the company employs more than 60 percent deaf or visually impaired employees and contributes to finding jobs for the visually impaired, blind or deaf worldwide.

Hamburg CARD Discount

Dinner in the dark

You get a 10% discount on the admission price of a DINNER IN THE DARK.

*Please book directly online in advance at https://dialog-in-hamburg.de/tickets-buchen/ . Please enter the code HHCard-Dinner at the end of the booking process under "Redeem Voucher" to receive the discount. Please identify yourself with your valid Hamburg CARD upon entry.

from 11.90 €

Hamburg CARD

Free travel by bus, train and harbour ferries (HVV) and up to 50% discount on over 150 tourist offers

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