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© ASTOR Filmlounge HafenCity
© ASTOR Filmlounge HafenCity
© ASTOR Filmlounge HafenCity
© ASTOR Filmlounge HafenCity
© ASTOR Filmlounge HafenCity

Cinema in an extraordinary atmosphere - that's how you could describe it, since the Astor Film Lounge in HafenCity Hamburg is a top-class cinema full of extravagance!

The Astor Film Lounge offers a high-quality and unusual concept that is completely different from the well-known cinemas. At Sandtorkai in HafenCity there are cosy armchairs in small cinemas and films in a setting that can no longer be distinguished from luxury cinemas. And that is exactly the goal!

Luxury cinema with the extra something

In addition to a free wardrobe and welcome drink, the Astor Film Lounge offers seats with extra legroom and the highest standards of cinematic technology. Fear of unpleasant smells from your neighbour's snack will be in vain, as the Astor Film Lounge offers popcorn and cold finger food only.

Movies like nowhere else

Another special feature is the range of films shown: in addition to the current blockbusters, the Astor Film Lounge in HafenCity also broadcasts classics for which the curtain was closed a long time ago in cinemas around the world.

So if you're looking for a very special cinema experience or want to really impress your first date, then you've come to the right place. But the whole luxury also has its price. Depending on the films on offer, the cinema ticket can cost considerably more.

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