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With the StadtRAD cargo bike through Hamburg

Bike Reporter #3

Cycling reporter Lara on the road in Hamburg StadtRAD rents out cargo bikes

Cycling reporter Lara is on the road in Hamburg and tells you about the most exciting stories, projects and people who are committed to cycling in our city. Go on a discovery tour with Lara and find out why Hamburg is twice as much fun from a bike.

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Among the few things that are certain in life, shopping is one of them for almost all of us. We are always faced with the same dilemma: do we go shopping several times a week and waste what feels like hours queuing at the checkout? Or do we do our weekly shopping, which we either laboriously lug home in countless bags and sacks or load into our car, which we then drive around our neighbourhood for ages looking for a parking space? At first glance, there seems to be only one solution: Shopping robots.

But because we're not there yet, Lara presents an alternative that's almost as good – or maybe even better.  In addition to its more than 3,100 rental bikes, StadtRAD also offers 20 bright red cargo bikes. Here, all the bags and bits find a place in no time at all, and we can get around in an environmentally friendly yet comfortable way. If necessary, a practical electric motor can also help us to cycle. The pedelecs can be rented at various stations throughout the city.

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Lara's tour starts at the Apostelkirche in Eimsbüttel because this is one of the StadtRAD stations where you can also find pedelecs. An hour ago, Lara already reserved the bike for a small charge, which will later be subtracted from the total charge. Lara selects the bike with the StadtRAD app, briefly checks the battery charge level on the display on the handlebars, grabs her helmet and off she goes. Today, Lara takes her dog Lotta along the Kaifu Canal. There are adjustable straps in the charging box that can also be used to strap in two children up to the age of seven and drive them around.

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With the cargo bike and Lotta, Lara goes shopping in Lindenstraße and to the sustainable grocer Monger in Wrangelstraße – the top address for unpackaged food. On the way back, it's getting too tiring for her, so she fires up the electric drive and is now travelling at up to 22 km/h. The cargo bike has to be brought back to Lindenstraße. Lara has to return the cargo bike to the place where she borrowed it so that it can be recharged. Until her next joyride, many other Hamburg residents can now go shopping or pick up their children from daycare on the pedelec.

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The StadtRAD cargo bike at one glance:

  • The 20 currently available cargo bikes can be rented in Hamburg-Mitte, Altona, Eimsbüttel, Hamburg-Nord and Wandsbek.
  • In addition to your own weight, you can load them with an additional 60 kilos – 45 kilos in the load box and 15 kilos on the luggage tray.
  • In bad weather, you can also cover your purchases in the loading box with a tarpaulin.
  • The first half hour is free, thereafter, every minute costs 10 cents. For 24 hours, you only pay 24 euros.
  • Before your first trip, it's best to do a few laps without cargo. This will give you a feel for how the cargo bike behaves when cornering and braking.

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Cycling Reporter #4 With the old U3 over Hamburg's cycle paths

A fancy new bike has been created from an old U3 carriage - U3-Fiete. At the same time, the U3 line between Hauptbahnhof and Baumwall was recently renewed.

With the old U3 over Hamburg's cycle paths
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Hamburg's cycle routes Cycle reporter Lara inspects progress

Hamburg's cycle routes are intended to offer all cyclists a fast and comfortable way through the city. To this end, cycle routes are constantly being upgraded and extended.

Cycle reporter Lara inspects progress
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Hamburg in 72 hours

Do you have three days for Hamburg and are looking for must-sees? Our tips let you know what you have to do and what you should definitely plan more time for.

Hamburg in 72 hours

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