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Hamburg in 72 hours

How much Hamburg fits in three days?

Do you have three days to spend in Hamburg and are looking for must-sees? Our locals have tips about what you must not miss and where you can plan to spend more time. This starts with a big breakfast - because breakfast is often the most important meal of the day. Together with sightseeing tours, cinema evenings and more, you'll find plenty of inspiration for your 72 hours in Hamburg!

Time for breakfast

If you have a lot of time, you should start the day with a long, relaxed breakfast.

© Café Johanna

Island of tranquility. Breakfast, coffee and cake in a relaxed atmosphere. Café Johanna

A little breather off the beaten tourist track: At Café Johanna on the Venusberg, an island of peace awaits you with a delicious breakfast or coffee and cake in a relaxed atmosphere.

Café Johanna
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The Sugar Monarchy in Hamburg St. Pauli, the self-proclaimed "kingdom" for sweets, offers everything a sweet tooth desires and much more.

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Traditional house in St. Georg Cafe Gnosa

Oh, back in the days when there was no such thing as a smoothie, when “vegetarian” was a foreign word, and cake always had to be served with whipped cream!

Cafe Gnosa

Getting around in Hamburg

Buses and trains are so yesterday! With these offers, you can explore Hamburg independently of the traffic situation.

© emmy sharing Hamburg

emmy - Electric scooter sharing

There's another traffic jam in Hamburg and time is running out? Get an Emmy - electric scooter sharing!

emmy - Electric scooter sharing
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Bike & E-bike rentals ERFAHRE Hamburg

ERFAHRE Hamburg is an ideal contact point for anyone who is still looking for a powerful e-bike, electric scooter and twizy for a tour of Hamburg.

© Kai Hegeler

Explore the city by bike StadtRAD Hamburg

Hamburg rides a bike! Explore the most beautiful city in the world on your own: with the racy red wheels of Hamburg's StadtRAD bicycle rental system!

StadtRAD Hamburg

Sightseeing & Tours

In Hamburg's breweries and coffee roasteries, not only can you learn something about beer and coffee, you can also taste as much as you like.

Original Hamburg Craft Beer Breweries

Visitors to Hamburg should definitely explore the craft beer and brewery scene and watch for the beers made by Hamburg breweries.

Original Hamburg Craft Beer Breweries
© Pixabay / eliasfalla

Discover true coffee variety Coffee Roasters in Hamburg

Discover true coffee variety at Hamburg's coffee roasters.

Coffee Roasters in Hamburg
© Pixabay / congerdesign

Wine seminars

Attending a wine seminar in Hamburg lets holiday-goers and locals get to know the many different types and facets of this drink.

Wine seminars

Take time for sports

Put on your sportswear, tie your shoes and get outside: During nice weather, there's nothing better than a round of outdoor athletics.

© Andreas Vallbracht

Jogging in Hamburg

Packing sports shoes in one's suitcase is a matter of course for many. After two days of vacationing, the legs want to really move and you want to explore the city on the run. Hamburg has many great and varied places for joggers.

Jogging in Hamburg
© Geheimtipp Hamburg

The best SUP-rentals

Try Stand Up Paddling to get a once-in-a-lifetime view of our beautiful city, the scenic canals in the historic Speicherstadt or the idyllic lake in the city park.

The best SUP-rentals
Kanu fahren Alster Hamburg
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The best boat rentals in Hamburg

Discovering Hamburg from the water is a new and highly interesting way of seeing the Hanseatic City.

The best boat rentals in Hamburg

Art film on Hamburg's big screens

Watch major films in small halls. Hamburg's art house cinemas put on filmic art far off the beaten track.

© T. Schreiber

Cinema with style and charm Metropolis Cinema

The "Metropolis" has not only found its place in Hamburg's cultural landscape, but also a new home. Original versions, silent movies with piano support and more can now be seen in the Neustadt.

Metropolis Cinema
© Nick Cooper on Unsplash

3001 Kino

Small, romantic cinema in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel.

3001 Kino
Abaton Saal Hamburg
© Abaton

Cinemas in Hamburg

Whether you are looking for a little time out with great pictures or want to learn something from the lives of people you would never meet in reality - the cinema offers both. There are cinemas and movie theaters in many corners of the city that can help you set off into strange worlds.

Cinemas in Hamburg

Hamburg in 24 or 48 hours. Not enough time?

More tips are available here: @hamburgahoi

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