Metropolis Cinema Cinema with style and charm

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On 13 October 1979, Initiative Kommunales Hamburg e.V. opened its cinema METROPOLIS.

The aim of the association is to provide an understanding of film and other audio-visual media as artistic and informative media to teach film history and to support practical media work as well as to put aspects of film culture into the public consciousness" according to the statutes of our association that has operated the METROPOLIS with an annual grant from the Department of Culture. And the programme concept is still relevant, even if the face of the monthly programmes has changed over the years.

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Arthouse cinemas

A ticket stub in one hand, a full bag of popcorn in the other - sitting in a snuggly velvet seat - that's cinema!

Arthouse cinemas

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Abaton Kino

Art house cinema was born in the Abaton cult cinema in Hamburg’s Grindel district.

Abaton Kino
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Free of commercial constraints and dependencies, the Hamburg cinema B-movie is committed to a multi-layered and unconventional cinema and cultural programme.

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Cinemas in Hamburg hide in places you wouldn't expect - so does the Filmraum. There visitors can enjoy a variety of entertainment and artistic exchange in a cosy atmosphere.


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