emmy - Electric scooter sharing

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There's another traffic jam in Hamburg and time is running out? Get an Emmy - electric scooter sharing!

The principle works in a similar way to the well-known car sharing provider - but without any search for a parking space, CO2 emissions or noise. Localization and rental are done via app. Each scooter has two helmets in different sizes as well as disposable hygiene hoods. They also have replacement batteries, which are regularly replaced by our employees. Long charging times and a lack of charging infrastructure are therefore irrelevant for users. Within the business area, the rent can be terminated at any time, and is billed according to the best price model: either 19 cents per minute or 59 cents per kilometre, only the cheaper of the two alternatives will be invoiced to the customer. For short stopovers, there is also the parking mode: As soon as the scooter stands on the stand without the rental being terminated, the customer pays only 5 cents per minute and can thus be sure that the scooter is ready for further use. emmy enriches urban mobility with a flexible component with the sharing offer and brings a smile to the customer's face on everyday rides.

Hamburg CARD

Free travel by bus, train and harbour ferries (HVV) and up to 50% discount on over 150 tourist offers

Hamburg CARD

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Alternatives on two wheels

Hamburg offers great ways to discover the city on two wheels! Discover this sustainable diversity!

Alternatives on two wheels

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ERFAHRE Hamburg is an ideal contact point for anyone who is still looking for a powerful e-bike, electric scooter and twizy for a tour of Hamburg.

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Hamburg rides a bike! Explore the most beautiful city in the world on your own: with the racy red wheels of Hamburg's StadtRAD bicycle rental system!

StadtRAD Hamburg
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Public transport in and around Hamburg Hamburg public transport association (hvv)

Getting easily across the town with the Hamburg Public Transport Association (Hamburger Verkehrsverbund - hvv) and the Hamburg CARD

Hamburg public transport association (hvv)

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