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Hamburg's most beautiful cycling story

Reading Day for Hamburg's Cycling Future

Hamburg's most beautiful cycling story Playfully learning to ride a bike with Fiete and Finchen

A Day in Hamburg with Fiete and Finchen" is a short story in Pixi format that was produced by the Hamburg-based Carlsen Verlag in a special production and is intended to teach children about cycling in the Hanseatic city.

Ten o'clock on the dot in the morning at the Franz-Marc-Straße day-care centre in Mümmelmannsberg: the young audience, 15 boys and girls, watched Anke Harnack spellbound. For they were there live when the exciting Pixi story of Fiete and Finchen was read aloud for the very first time. The children's booklet "Fahr ein schöneres Hamburg" (Ride a more beautiful Hamburg) inspires with a wonderful Hamburg reference and lots of two-wheeled traffic: from city bikes to cargo bikes to children's bikes, everything is included that makes a more beautiful Hamburg. And best of all, the little ones learn in a playful way that cycling in Hamburg is simply faster and smarter. So the young cyclists listened spellbound to the story about Hamburg, talking bikes and Ben, who managed his first metres on a bike that day. And everyone was thrilled.

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The exciting bicycle story revolves around the siblings Paula and Ben and their bikes Fiete and Finchen. Ben, the little brother, is just learning to ride his bike Finchen all by himself in the city park. But before Paula and Fiete can marvel at this, they get to know many exciting corners of Hamburg and lots of different bikes together on their way to the park. What an excursion!

The special edition was sold out within a very short time, although reprints were made at intervals of a few months. In the meantime, production has been discontinued, but sometimes individual copies turn up on Ebay or similar sites.

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Hamburg becomes Bikeburg How our city becomes a bike city

The "Alliance for Cycling" has set out to strengthen cycling in Hamburg and make cycling safer and more attractive.

How our city becomes a bike city
Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg
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Pure fascination! Kleine Welt – ganz groß

Das Miniatur Wunderland in der Speicherstadt ist das Must-See für alle Eisenbahnfreunde, Weltendecker, Familien und auch sonst jeden Hamburg Besucher! Hier wurden mit liebevoller Kleinstarbeit über 1.000 Züge mit insgesamt 15.700 Meter Gleis, mehr als 3.000 Häuser und unzählige Brücken, Straßen und Gebäude zu einer Modellbaulandschaft der Superlativ erschaffen. Lassen Sie sich beeindrucken und besuchen Sie die größte Modelleisenbahn der Welt!

Kleine Welt – ganz groß

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