Jan Schmitt
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Interview with Jan Schmitt

When Jan Schmitt is strolling through the streets of Hamburg, his feet lead him to different trend neighbourhoods. He enjoys Wilhelmsburg as well as the Schanze and also sees great potential in the HafenCity. But when he answers our questions about Hamburg, the city seems to be much more than only trend scenes to him. 

All roads lead to Hamburg. Tell us about yours!

"I was born in Lüneburg and grew up in the middle of nowhere in the area of Uelzen. Hamburg has already fascinated me back then. After university in Braunschweig I moved back up north. And for now I think I’ll stay forever."

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What‘s the general atmosphere of the city like?

"Imagine the hanseatic charme and the nordic serenity would have a baby that is beautiful and able to hold a drink. Something like this."

Describe the city in one sentence.

"Hamburg is the sum of its individual parts, that makes a fantastic and diverse overall picture."

What does Hamburg have that other cities don’t have?

"So many things! But especially the people!"

Do you have a secret favorite spot in Hamburg that you wanna share with us?

"In Hamburg no favorite spot really is secret, there are simply too many explorers. In my former WG at Münzviertel we could climb up the roof and enjoy a tremendous view over St. Georg. I really liked that place."

Do you have a favorite spot at the waterfront?

"The other day I went on a fishing trip with my friends for the first time. At Kuhmühlenteich, Stop Uhlandstraße. I really recommend that! But careful with the trees!"

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Ironic whiner or secret sunshine – what’s the typical local like?

"A mix of both. That depends on the weather – like everything in this city. And the current position of the HSV in the league."

Which alleged touristic tip is being totally underestimated?

"A bus tour through Hamburg with the boys and girls from Waterkant Tours, of course! You’ve never done anything like that!"

Elbe River or Alster? (And why?)

"Elbe. Because of the big ships. the wanderlust and the feet in the sand."

Is there any place or activity in Hamburg that you haven’t seen/done yet but that you’ve always wanted to see/do?

"When they closed the Telemichel I wasn’t in Hamburg yet. I would love to go up there one day!"

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Is there a popular person in Hamburg with whom you’ve always wanted to have a "Fischbrötchen"?
"I would have loved to smoke a cigarette with Helmut Schmidt. Unfortunately, this is not possible anymore, so I’ll go for the great Rocko Schamoni."

You and Hamburg – a love story. Which song would make your soundtrack? 
"Wie sieht’s aus in Hamburg? by Tomte.

Where do you go first when you have friends visiting from other places? And why? 
"To the Millerntor-Stadion. Because of the special atmosphere, the beer and sometimes also because of soccer!"

Do you already live in your favorite street? 
"I live in a beautiful corner of Hamburg, but one day I wanna live in the Friedensallee, just because of the name!"

Are you also interested in living in another neighborhood of Hamburg?
"I love the Grindelviertel. It’s beautiful!"

Is your workplace different from the place where you live? 
"At my workplace there is no cold bottle of Helbing waiting in the freezer. And actually now I’m just wondering why not?"

Hamburg is perfect – almost perfect. What would you change in Hamburg, if you could? 

"A little more sunshine and less rain maybe? Well, that’s nonsense. Too perfect is boring."

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