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Never leaving again

Interview with Hamburg native Tania

A morning at the Isemarkt, an afternoon at the soccer stadium and an evening in Entenwerder belong to the highlights of Tania's daily life in Hamburg. Yet, she has more to say about her favorite city!

All roads lead to Hamburg. Tell us about yours!

"After highschool I spend a year abroad and when I came back I directly moved to Hamburg to start my apprenticeship. I didn’t do any stopovers somewhere else in Germany and I probably never will. I just can’t imagine ever leaving Hamburg." 

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What‘s the general atmosphere of the city like?


Describe the city in one sentence.

"Hamburg is like Berlin – only way better."

What does Hamburg have that other cities don’t have?

"In Hamburg you can feel a strong solidarity towards the city. That’s why there is less fluctuation in the city than in other big cities."

Do you have a secret favorite spot in Hamburg that you wanna share with us?

"The bar Yoko Mono at Karoviertel. But also the area around the Oberhafenkantine. I also love the container port in Wilhelmsburg. And somehow I also love hanging at Sternbrücke – this are all not really secret insider tips but that’s okay."

Do you have a favorite spot at the waterfront?

"At the waterfront my favorite spot is the Dove Elbe, Entenwerder 1 or the elbe beach behind Blankenese."

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Ironic whiner or secret sunshine – what’s the typical local like?
"The Hamburger is an ironic sunshine, obviously."

Which alleged touristic tip is being totally underestimated? 
"I love the harbour tour – especially at night. And a simple HVV ticket is enough – it doesn’t always have to be the big tour."

If you’d have to leave the city for an indefinite period of time, what would you take with you to avoid getting homesick?
"Does it have to fit into my suitcase? Unimaginable! After two days in another city I’m already looking foreward to getting back to my Hamburg."

Elbe River or Alster? (And why?) 
"Elbe, definately. It has so much to offer. You can cycle along the river for hours. But I also like the Alster, at least the canals for canooing. Well, both are great!"

Is there any place or activity in Hamburg that you haven’t seen/done yet but that you’ve always wanted to see/do?
"I’ve never been up the Michel. I still have to go!"

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Is there a popular person in Hamburg with whom you’ve always wanted to have a "Fischbrötchen"?
"With Mitra Kassai, a hip hop icon from Hamburg."

You and Hamburg – a love story. Which song would make your soundtrack? 
"Wann strahlst du? by Erobique and Jacques Palminger."

Where do you go first when you have friends visiting from other places? And why? 
"In the Thier – to drink a Rhababsi."

Do you already live in your favorite street? 
"I have many favorite streets in Hamburg. But at Grindelhof, where I live, it’s very pretty. I could use a little more punk feeling now and then but not necessarily louder."

Are you also interested in living in another neighborhood of Hamburg?
"Actually, I’m getting kind of interested in Veddel or Wilhelmsburg. A little more green and peace at some point I would like. But I’ll probably never move there. I just love Sankt Pauli and it’s surroundings too much. The rest is out of question."

Is your workplace different from the place where you live?
"Not really. For me, the boarders between work and life are blurring. I work everywhere, and only with my friends."

Hamburg is perfect – almost perfect. What would you change in Hamburg, if you could? 

"Better bike lines! But I think the city is working on it. Also more happening, clubs and alternative scenes at the water. In Berlin they are running many clubs at the Spree, Hamburg has almost nothing there yet."

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