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On the go with Jan

This is Jan's Hamburg

When Jan Schmitt goes back and forth through Hamburg, he visits all kinds of trendy areas. He likes Wilhelmsburg just as much as the Schanzenviertel and sees great potential in HafenCity. But when he answers questions about Hamburg, the city is much more than just a scene for him. Jan is always on the go - and is accompanying us today on a tour through his Hamburg. As a self-proclaimed city explorer, he has long since recognised how much Hamburg has to offer. In the morning, he goes to Lohsepark to play basketball, then to a Wilhelmsburg to relax, and finally, through the streets of the Schanze to look for streetware in Mojo. You can also develop a feel for the scene with Jan and discover his favourite places in Hamburg!

Basketball game at Lohsepark

To start the day, Jan, co-founder of "Waterkant Touren", first needs to get some sports in. Because he is professionally underway a great deal in the HafenCity, he has recently selected the Lohsepark as his new favourite spot for a game of basketball.

On around 4 hectares of green - the largest contiguous park area in the HafenCity - Jan can do more than just attend to his hobby. He finds the whole area to be an exciting place where not so much is going on yet, but where so much is taking shape and where he can just take time out simply to exist. The construction noise that is still audible here and there, is the sound of progress to him; at least until his craving for coffee sets in.

Jan Schmitt
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Interview with Jan Schmitt Jans own personal Hamburg

When Jan Schmitt is strolling through the streets of Hamburg, his feet lead him to different trend neighbourhoods. He enjoys Wilhelmsburg as well as the Schanze and also sees great potential in the HafenCity. But when he answers our questions about Hamburg, the city seems to be much more than only trend scenes to him.

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Relax in the Deichdiele

The Deichdiele in Wilhelmsburg is one of Jan's favourite places because the café has not been transformed into a 'hip' locale, but is still honest and completely relaxed. He thus lounges in a very inviting orner and first orders a coffee.

In Hamburg's largest city neighbourhood, the atmosphere is completely different than in the rest of the city - which is why Jan is continually drawn back here. After completely absorbing the creative aura of the Deichdiele, he walks around his secret scene area before continuing on to the public, obvious scene in the city: the Schanze.

Looking for streetwear in the Mojo Store

Here in the hill his buddy André has his own little streetwear label, which he not only proudly wears through Hamburg, but where he always likes to come up for a snack. Fairly produced clothes and accessories are sold here with a lot of love for delicacy. Everything in streetwear style.

On the homemade wooden bench in front of the store, you can sniff the atmosphere after shopping and let the day end. Today, Jan briefly browse through the new collection and then kidnaps André outside for a long snack.

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