© Timo Sommer / Lee Maas
© Timo Sommer / Lee Maas
© Timo Sommer / Lee Maas

One day at Sternschanze & Karoviertel

On the go with Petra Langemeyer

Moin, my name is Petra. I have been living in the "Schanze" for 20 years now. My neighbourhood around Schanzenstraße and Schulterblatt keeps growing and growing. New shops and restaurants, cafés, bars and boutiques keep opening at a fast pace. It is colourful and lively, and it has become much fancier. Still, the district in the borough of Altona has preserved much of its rough, leftist-alternative nonconformism. The Marktstraße in the Karoviertel is filled with stores beyond the mainstream scene. Wherever you look, you can find a relaxed place where you can passively watch the hustle and bustle. I would like to invite you to discover my favourite neighbourhood with me. I’ll show you some great places and give you some valuable insider tips. 

© Lee_Maas_Timo_Sommer
Petra Langemeyer has been living in the Sternschanze district for 20 years.

Finding treasures on the Flohschanze

Living in Schanzenviertel, all my husband and I need to do in order to start our stroll is to fall out of bed. We like stroll towards Neuer Kamp, where every Saturday you can find a great flea market in a former slaughterhouse (Flohschanze) around the U-Bahn station Feldstraße. On the way, we run into one of the guided culinary tours. The program for sure includes snack bar Schorsch, one of the oldest sausage stalls in the area (Beim Grünen Jäger 14) and Das Alte Mädchen (Lagerstraße 28b), a brewery visitor tourswith a great craft beer selection, which also offers guided tours.

Art and Schanzen truffle

If you feel hungry, you can always find tasty snacks at Azeitona (Beckstraße 17). My favourite dish is hummus with grilled vegetables. Keep walking through the Schlachthofpassage, where Schanzenviertel turns into Karoviertel. It is pretty much the borough’s smaller sister, very alternative and with plenty of shops that present hip and elegant fashion. Herr von Eden (Marktstraße 33), for instance, offers extravagant suits. Pretty understandable that besides visitors from the nearby Hamburg trade fair, hipsters from all over Europe find their way to Marktstraße. Art lovers should not miss the sculptures and pictures in Atelier Schlumper (Neuer Kamp 30). It works closely with an association that funds people with disabilities and their artwork. But not all stores around here are chic and hip. You will also find great traditional restaurants, such as Erikas Eck (Sternstraße 98) or shops like Stüdemanns (Schulterblatt 59), which offers a great selection of tea, coffee and chocolate specialities. Try the Schanzen truffle!

Did you know?

If you’re strolling around Schanzenviertel, chances are high that you’ll run into best-selling author Heinz Strunk.

© Timo Sommer / Lee Maas
The Florapark in the Sternschanze is a popular meeting spot.
© Timo Sommer / Lee Maas
Art lovers should definitely take a look at the objects and paintings in Schlumper's studio.
© Timo Sommer / Lee Maas
Here there is art in abundance.
© Timo Sommer / Lee Maas
The Hermetic Coffee Roasters provide refreshment and pick-me-ups in between.
© Timo Sommer / Lee Maas
At Herr von Eden they have extravagant suits.

Bar-hopping at Schulterblatt

The area around Schulterblatt, Susannenstraße and Schanzenstraße never really sleeps. If you feel like strolling through a few shops, you should by no means miss Minimarkt (Bartelsstraße 37). Here, you can find gorgeous kitchen accessories, small furniture, glass, ceramics and unusual frills. Nearby, Scarpovino (Susannenstraße 29) unites two shops that sell shoes and wine. Not far from Susannenstraße, Beyond Beer Hamburg (Weidenallee 55) offers a great selection of beers from around the world. Personally, here we enjoy a special Pale Ale from California and let ourselves be inspired by the hustle and bustle of the neighbourhood.

On the way home, we walk down Schulterblatt by the infamous , the centre of Hamburg's Schanzenviertel. Starting at 10 pm, party folks gather around the long piazza. It is the ideal starting point for a pub tour through Hamburg’s trendy district...


Streetart Schanze
© Hamburg Tourismus GmbH

CITY AREA PORTRAIT Sternschanze & Karoviertel

The two districts around Schanzenstraße and Schulterblatt are always in motion. Here, it is colourful and lively, and it has become much fancier in the last few years. Still, the district in the borough of Altona has preserved much of its rough, leftist-alternative nonconformism.

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