Resonanzraum The extraordinary home of a unique string ensemble

A special experience for all music connoisseurs: with a view of the FC St. Pauli football stadium, Resonanzraum in the historic bunker at Feldstrasse provides the home to Ensemble Resonanz, Hamburg’s renowned string ensemble. Located in the heart of the St. Pauli district, it also serves as an event venue for experimental music projects.

2,506m³ is certainly enough volume to fill an extraordinary space with creative, inspiring and unique music performances. Resonanzraum is the home port of Ensemble Resonanz, in marked contrast to the Recital Hall of the Elbphilharmonie, which serves as the ensemble’s residence. Created by a Hamburg-based architectural office in collaboration with local musicians, Resonanzraum is aimed at providing a rehearsal room, a concert hall and an experimental area in one place. According to Ensemble Resonanz, it is also meant to serve as a “space that facilitates uninhibited encounters”. For its outstanding interior, the venue has even been awarded a design prize.

Resonanzraum awaits its guests with excellent acoustics and a classical music experience amidst a casual bar atmosphere. Recent works and fresh interpretations with a dash of electronic impetus create an exciting mix that attracts music lovers from around the globe. At the monthly Urban String event, guests can enjoy chamber music paired with electronic beats, and each June Ensemble Resonanz celebrates the Resonanzraum Festival with guest artists from all over the world. Yet there are other occasions too, where artists can enjoy the excellent acoustics and the special atmosphere of this music location in the former WW2 bunker – e.g. during the annual Reeperbahn Festival, where Resonanzraum is transformed into a show stage for up-and-coming bands from Germany and beyond.

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