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Spielbudenplatz auf der Reeperbahn
© / Marius Roeer

St. Pauli

Sustainable Highlights in St. Pauli

Impressions of Hamburg’s colourful entertainment and red-light district, the Reeperbahn, the ‘mile’ that never sleeps, characterise the city’s image in people’s minds across the globe. Yet, St. Pauli has so much more to offer than just one big party! People from all walks of life, from the most diverse cultural and social backgrounds, live here side by side; traditional meets new-age and alternative sub-cultures meet the mainstream, by day and by night. Looking beyond the glitz and glamour will allow you to discover St. Pauli’s many sustainable offerings: restaurants with chefs who have a passion for exquisite tastes and quality, design ateliers offering fairly-traded products and dedicated people who celebrate and promote their sustainable ways of life. On this tour you will discover St. Pauli's sustainable highlights. Enjoy fine dining at restaurant HACO or try the own creations of "nordic french cuisine" at Hæbel. Fill your shopping cart with precious organic products at Vabiou's or Twelve Monkeys and enjoy a scoop of roasted-almonds-maple-sirup ice cream at Luicella's. You will find your perfect outfit for a walk through St. Pauli in shops like Bidges & Sons or Kantasou. These shops offer sustainable streetwear. 

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DISCOVER NOW Sustainable Highlights in Hamburg

Shopping im Karolinenviertel
© / Sven Schwarze

Discover good taste in Sternschanze & Karoviertel Sustainable Highlights in Sternschanze & Karoviertel

At one time, the Sternschanze was influenced through and through by the alternative subcultures of the 1970s and '80s. In the last 20 years, however, the area as well as its smaller neighbour, the Karolinenviertel, have experienced something of a renaissance. Today, the area is like Hamburg's second Kiez, with cafés, bars, a pub culture and chic boutiques.

Sustainable Highlights in Sternschanze & Karoviertel
Eimsbütteler Park am Weiher
© Deliah Rill

Where Nature Meets City: Family-Friendly & Green at Heart Sustainable Highlights in Eimsbüttel

This family-friendly district in Hamburg is home to numerous small parks, green spaces and playgrounds. Nowhere else in Hamburg can you find so many organic food shops and eco-cooperatives: a great deal of groups and associations with roots in the environmental and ecological movements of the 1980s and 1990s are headquartered here.

Sustainable Highlights in Eimsbüttel
Altona bei Nacht
© Jörg Modrow

Through design manufactories and cafés in Ottensen Sustainable Highlights in Altona & Ottensen

Until far into the 20th century, Ottensen was an area covered by cobblestone alleys and dominated by small artisanal enterprises in inner courtyards, workers' pubs, and inner-city industries. Now, however, it has become one of Hamburg's liveliest and most popular trend areas.

Sustainable Highlights in Altona & Ottensen

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