Package: Ballet-Days - Odyssee
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Package: 49th Hamburg Ballet Days - Odyssee

Your included services:

  • 1 overnight stay in the hotel of your choice incl. breakfast, additional nights bookable
  • 1 ticket for Odyssee
  • 1 Hamburg CARD (3 days) – your discovery ticket for unlimited travel in public transport worth 29.90€


    One of the most important pieces of poetry is the epic "Odyssee" by the Greek lyricist Homer. John Neumeier decided to dedicate to this comprehensive work about the hero Odysseus and his adventurous journey at the invitation of the Athens opera and concert house Megaron in 1995. For his ballet version his aim was to get as close as possible to the roots of the epic and at the same time translate the literary original onto a level of movement. A prerequisite for this was the commissioning of a work by the Greek composer George Couroupos and the collaboration with the Greek stage and costume designer Yannis Kokkos. On the occasion of John Neumeier's 85th birthday, this monumental work about war, the search for home and the encounter with the foreign returns to the repertoire of the Hamburg Ballet.

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