Accessible rapid transit and underground transport in Hamburg

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In keeping with its slogan “Mobility for All”, the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV) transport association offers a variety of ways to visit Hamburg accessibly.

The majority of rapid transit and underground stations have been converted to improve accessibility for passengers with disabilities. Look for the wheelchair symbol on route maps to find out which stations have lifts. The HVV also provides maps of the stops and information about whether any lifts are out of service on its webpages.

The journey planner allows you to customise connections to best suit your needs. For instance, you can enter your departure and destination, your degree of mobility and a great deal of other criteria besides online, such as the option to avoid having to change trains, to make your journey that much easier. You can find detailed information for all target groups on the HVV website.

Step-free platform access

The step-free underground and rapid transit stations are easily accessible via ramps or lifts. The lifts can also generally be used by wheelchair users, thanks to their large cabins and door widths of at least 90 centimetres.

Underground trains

Accessible access points at underground stations are indicated with pram and wheelchair symbols and a chequered pattern on the platform floor. On older trains, the boarding height between the train and the platform can be up to 8 cm. On newer vehicles this has been reduced to 5 cm or less. The gap between the train and the platform can vary between 7 and 14 centimetres.

Rapid transit trains

All of the rapid transit trains (S-Bahn) on the HVV network have ramps and large, multi-purpose compartments. If you require a ramp to board, please wait near the front of the train, as the ramp is placed directly behind the driver’s cab. Orientation is provided by destination displays, train stop markings and information signs on platforms.

Information for passengers who are blind or visually impaired

Groove plates with coloured stripes, which can be found at many underground and rapid transit stations, can facilitate orientation for blind and visually impaired people. Acoustic signals and high-contrast markings make the plates easier to use.

Timetables in braille can be requested free of charge by calling +49 (0) 40 19449.

Information for passengers who are deaf or hearing impaired

Any changes in relation to train departure times and timetables are communicated via destination displays on platforms and monitors or electronic displays on trains, which also show the next stops on your route.


Anyone with severe disabilities classified with codes G, H, Gl, or Bl are entitled to free public transportation. Information on special tickets can be found on the HVV website.

Important links

You will find a route map (underground/rapid transit/AKN/regional train map) indicating accessible stations here.

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