Accessible buses in Hamburg

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Low-floor buses with ramps and a kneeling function operate on the vast majority of Hamburg transport association’s (HVV) central Hamburg AB area. The kneeling i.e. tilting function makes it easier for passengers who use walking frames or wheelchairs to enter buses. Each vehicle has at least one space for a wheelchair or pram and bus drivers provide ramp access. All of the low-floor bus lines are indicated as such by a wheelchair symbol in the HVV timetable books.

On the digital bus timetables, filters allow you to customise your searches and access specific information to suit your needs. You can find out more about how to use the buses in the HVV brochure (PDF) “Barrierefrei unterwegs” (currently only available in German) or on the HVV website.

Ramp access for wheelchair users

Passengers who use wheelchairs are advised to always use a door in the middle of the bus. Please make yourself clearly visible to the bus drivers or press the specially marked button next to the door when boarding or disembarking. The driver will provide fold-out ramp access as soon as the other passengers have boarded or left the bus. The load capacity of these ramps is usually max. 350 kg.


Anyone with severe disabilities classified with codes G, H, Gl, or Bl are entitled free public transportation. You can find more information on special tickets on the HVV website.

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