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Founded by a student initiative, the Pony Bar is much more than just somewhere to drink. In the evenings, the café turns into a pub that serves not only beer, wine and Cuba Libre, but also offers a varied cultural programme.

The custom, according to which university lectures often start a quarter of an hour later, has a simple explanation: this way, students and lecturers can still get a coffee and a French roll before going to the lecture hall. Where better to do this than in the nearby Pony Bar?

The sound of the foosball is mingled with the technical discussions of the study groups, the chatter of the latecomers and the sound of the spoons in the latte cups. During the day, there's everything you need here when it's time for a break: Ginger tea, pretzel sticks, rhubarb spritzer.

The Pony Bar is literally miles away from the bourgeois saturation familiar from Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. Founded by a student initiative, the Pony Bar is more than just a place to eat. In the evenings, the café transforms into a pub that not only serves beer, wine and Cuba Libre, but also offers a rich cultural program. Singer/songwriters give cozy concerts in the back room, rappers take to the open mic, jazz musicians sit down at the old piano. Exhibitions and reading events round out the offerings. And on Sundays, people take a seat on grandma's club chairs and listen to the fanfare of Klaus Doldinger: The crime scene begins!

On such occasions it gets crowded, of course, as well as on weekends when DJs play and people party. During the day, it's easier to find a seat, especially in summer when you can sit outside.

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