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Nochtspeicher & Nochtwache Live gigs and off-culture

© Thomas Sprenger
© Thomas Sprenger
© Thomas Sprenger
© Thomas Sprenger
© Thomas Sprenger
© Thomas Sprenger

From a schnapps distillery to a museum for erotic art to a popular venue for live music and off-culture: this 19th century storehouse on Bernhard-Nocht-Strasse has served many purposes over time. Today, the Nochtspeicher and the Nochtwache venues attract culture, music and party people.


The Nochtspeicher is the right place to go for all music lovers, passionate dancers as well as anyone interested in culture and modern poetry. 160 years ago, this historic building was home to the Niebuhr schnapps distillery, and later it would house the former Erotic Art Museum. Today, it is a venue for live concerts by established artists as well as newcomers from a wide variety of genres, such as singer-songwriter, indie, folk, pop, rock, blues, as well as country, soul and swing. There's always something going on behind the thick walls, be it comedy events, poetry slams such as “Hamburg ist Slamburg” or dance parties like “Dockside Swing”, “Faltenrock” and “The Soul Seven”. In short: a unique mix of events at a unique St Pauli location.


In the vaults of the Nochtspeicher you will find yet another venue: the Nochtwache. Despite its location in the heart of vibrant St Pauli, the inside of the vaulted cellar is a world of its own, with live music and parties. Little wonder that the Nochtwache is currently ranked as one of Hamburg’s most popular clubs. Just like the Nochtspeicher, the Nochtwache stands out for its rich choice of different styles. Highly recommended for lovers of authentic music who also like to enjoy a rewarding drink while there – for the bar provides an excellent drinks menu.

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