“Second Emma” After-Work Women’s Flea Market

© Second Emma
© Second Emma

The “Second Emma” After-Work Women’s Flea Market in Hamburg Bergedorf is the place for women to go to find their new sartorial favourites.

Looking for a few bargains at a flea market after work? Then Second Emma is for you!

Shopping fun without men

In the hip loft-style area, the women from the Second Emma After-Work-Frauen-Flea Market sell chic items for working women. The flea market is aimed at all hard-working women who want to indulge themselves after a long day. Those who are not inclined to turn in early can stop by the After-Work Flea Market for a glass of Prosecco, a pretzel and a good mood! The only thing the Flea Market doesn’t have is... Men. They’re not invited at this women’s-only shopping experience. 

So open the boot of your car - off you go to the After-Work-Frauen-Flohmarkt!

Second Emma originally started as a small, fast shopping exchange for friends, but has now become an open secret. For three hours, women of every age and taste can search for small and large treasures here before returning home with their new favourites. The practical thing is that for €24, every woman gets a large parking space with room for a table and clothes rod. Entrance is free.

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Welcome to Bergedorf, Wandsbek, Hammerbrook and Rothenburgsort! Here, the harbour cranes and industrial culture in Rothenburgsort and Hammerbrook meet nature protection areas, meadows and woods on the border with Schleswig-Holstein.

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