Rudolf Beaufays

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Tailor-made, unmistakably British and well-known second-hand items are sold at Rudolf Beaufays in Hamburg.

He has a weakness for Oscar Wilde and, as a business studies student, already sold clothes on Portobello Road in London and Marché aux Puces in Paris in order to lend his fellow students a little British upper-class style.
Rudolf Beaufays, the offspring of a Huguenot family from the Münsterland region, has little sense for fleeting fashion trends; in his shop at Gänsemarkt he sells tailor-made, hand-stitched and well-known items from second or third hand, preferably from Great Britain. Duffle coats, tweed jackets, cricket pullovers, tartan skirts and colourful shirts - there are also a few pieces for ladies - he purchases via his "worldwide connections" which he has built up over the years. And for those who like clothes with history, Beaufays opens up a universe of curious, dignified or glamorous style templates.

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Hamburg CARD

Hamburg CARD

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