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Kaffeerösterei Timm 100 years of tradition in Hamburg Bergedorf

Kaffeerösterei Timm
© Hamburg Tourismus GmbH / Antje Forytta
Kaffeerösterei Timm
© Hamburg Tourismus GmbH / Antje Forytta

Selected coffee specialities and sweet delights are sure to make a visit to Sachsentor worthwhile!

Give a gift or enjoy yourself

If you are looking for quality, you’ve certainly come to the right place. At Kaffeeröster Timm in Bergedorf, the aroma of freshly roasted coffee fills the air every week. Whether it’s single-origin beans from exotic countries such as Panama, Costa Rica or Mexico or coffee blends, the shop’s exclusive ranges and coffee varieties are sure to impress.

Bergedorf – still home to numerous family-owned enterprises

Tradition surrounds the almost 400-year-old timbered house on Sachsentor in so many aspects. Established in 1918, the traditional company is now in its third generation.

Not just for coffee aficionados!

Besides coffee, Rösterei Timm offers an extensive range of tea specialities and tasty treats – everything from candied sweets, pralines and chocolate bars right through to jelly babies. It’s almost impossible to not end up stopping in front of the little treats and getting a bag to enjoy on the rest of your shopping spree!

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© Lee Maas / Timo Sommer


Welcome to Bergedorf, Wandsbek, Hammerbrook and Rothenburgsort! Here, the harbour cranes and industrial culture in Rothenburgsort and Hammerbrook meet nature protection areas, meadows and woods on the border with Schleswig-Holstein.

Hamburg East

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© Timo Sommer, Lee Maas

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Kaufhaus Hamburg
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© ThisIsJulia Photography

Sundays 5 to 9 am Fish Market

Every Sunday morning since 1703 Hamburg's most traditional market has been trading in just about anything and everything that isn't nailed down.

Fish Market
© T. Schreiber


Cream in Hamburg St. Georg distributes well selected pieces in an urban casual style.


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