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Potted plants of all kinds and shapes as alternative, long-lasting gifts and sustainably produced planting accessories - a green heart beats at Casou Greenery in Eppendorf.

With its assortment of potted plants, Casou Greenery sees itself as a sustainable antithesis to the industry of quickly perishable cut flowers. From simple potted flower classics to trendy dried flowers and tropical plants, the range extends to rarities and special plants that improve indoor air. In addition, there are carefully selected accessories, such as plant ladders and organic seeds from a workshop for people with disabilities, vases made of upcycled glass and ceramics, pots made of waste paper, fairly paid baskets from Africa and Sri Lanka or home-made substrates from regional ingredients.

With all partners, owner Claudia-Anna Sourell pays special attention to socially and/or ecologically sustainable origins. Casou Greenery primarily works with small manufactories and social workshops or with companies that are committed to sustainable production, appreciation and fair pay for their employees.

Passionate love for the living

Casou Greenery is based on the personal passion of its owner Claudia-Anna Sourrell. In her shop, she focuses on her interest in biophilic design. This stands for the love of living things and the desire to create a natural environment with plants for living, working and living. When Claudia-Anna Sourrell gave her mother 80 roses for her 80th birthday, which withered after a few days, the idea was ignited: the small lifestyle plant shop concept shop founded in 2019 is being created as an alternative to sustainable gift-giving with lasting memory value!

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CITY AREA PORTRAIT Eimsbüttel & Eppendorf

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Eimsbüttel & Eppendorf

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