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Back to back they stand here & wait for a new homeweek after week: The books at the book flea market in the Hamburg central library.

Back to back they stand here waiting for a new home: The books at the flea market in the central library.
Those who like to read will feel at home at this flea market. In the Central Library at Hühnerposten 1, a large number of books await new owners every Monday and Thursday. The collections from donated and discarded library books cost only one euro each. However, good quality is also taken into account. The books are usually only discarded due to lack of space. The beauty of it: The profits go into the non-profit project media messengers . Volunteers visit people who are restricted in their mobility and can no longer come to the book hall on their own.

Become a book donor - anyone can do it!

There is something for everyone to discover here. The books offered cover all possible genres. Those who would like to pass on their literary treasures themselves can also donate books here. On Mondays to Fridays from 07:00 to 14:00 book donors can give their treasures into faithful hands at the back entrance of the Centra Library at the ramp. Books can also be handed in in individual book halls. The voluntary "media messengers", however, ask for logistical reasons not to deliver more than 10 books to the individual bookshelves. Larger quantities are gladly accepted centrally at the Hühnerposten.

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Dawdling around Hamburg's best flea markets

Rummage around flea markets for all it's worth! Year-round, in summer as well as in winter, at Hamburg's flea markets you'll always find what you've never looked for or never knew you needed!

Hamburg's best flea markets
Flohmarkt Flohschanze
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Stroll, browse and bargain Flea Markets in Hamburg

Flea markets in Hamburg mean a social atmosphere, comfortable strolling from stand to stand and at the same time, definite bargains. All flea market dates in Hamburg can be found here!

Flea Markets in Hamburg
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Welcome to Bergedorf, Wandsbek, Hammerbrook and Rothenburgsort! Here, the harbour cranes and industrial culture in Rothenburgsort and Hammerbrook meet nature protection areas, meadows and woods on the border with Schleswig-Holstein.

Hamburg East

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The flea market in Hamburg's Schanzenviertel, the "Flohschanze", takes place every Saturday, even in winter. From 8 am to 4 pm you can search for antiques, bizarre and well hidden bargains.

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Every first Sunday of the month, the Barmbek quarter organises a flea market.

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The late riser flea market always takes place on the last Saturday of the month in Hamburg's HafenCity.


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