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Veddeler Fischgaststätte
© Timo Sommer / Lee Maas
Veddeler Fischgaststätte
© Malte Spindler
Veddeler Fischgaststätte
© Malte Spindler
Veddeler Fischgaststätte
© Malte Spindler

Veddeler Fischgaststätte

This Cult Restaurant on Tunnelstraße 70 in Veddel has served fish specialities for over 85 years.

You can’t get any better fried fish than here! Between iconic interiors from the 1950s and maritime decoration, the authentic staff ensures the physical well-being of its guests. In good weather and warm temperatures, the summer garden right next to the restaurant offers even more seats.

Fried fish without much frills

Not much has changed in the restaurant since the 1930s. Still authentic, still without much frills, everyone can enjoy fried fish in its most original form. The menu is short - various portion sizes of fried fish, various side dishes, fried herrings, meatballs - that's all it takes to make customers satiated (and satisfied) from the very beginning. In spite of the rustic character, no one here needs to do without quality, the cucumber salad is prepared anew every day and the fish is always fresh. 

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Short & Sweet

  • CategoryRestaurant
  • Type of cuisineFish, Hamburg originals
  • Price€€
  • AmbienceQuaint, traditional, small
  • ServiceWelcoming

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© Lee Mass / Timo Sommer

CITY AREA PORTRAIT Wilhelmsburg & Veddel

The Elbe Island of Wilhelmsburg is embedded between the southern and northern Elbe. It impresses visitors with a mixture of industrial charm and bustling life with multicultural flair. With its historic buildings, cafés and shops, the Wilhelmsburg Reiherstieg area is especially popular. It is even called "Little Berlin" due to its transformation in recent years. And then there is the neighbouring island of Veddel, which also has much to offer.

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© Geheimtipp Hamburg

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